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Would You prefer Tell Tale doing Episode or wait for a Whole Game

posted by Funnymen123 on - Viewed by 755 users

Would You rather Telltale making a whole games or all 5 episode or them doing each episode ever month or two. I think they should keep doing episode every month, but some might prefer not waiting every month or two.

  • In a perfect world I would like Telltale to release their episodes on a monthly basis. Kinda like how they "promised" season 1 of TWD. Either way Telltale will never stop the episodic gaming. It's all they do.

  • I get that having a murder mystery you can't just have the answer for is suspenseful, helps reduce spoilers, makes for an engaged community discussion....

    However, I do not like paying for a game I cannot complete.

    Also, the episode format makes loading difficult.

    I ended up liking the game based on the first episode, so I bought a season pass, but that was before episode 2 came out and I was very upset.

    Long story short, I haven't played the game until today so that I can be caught up by the time Episode 5 comes out. Essentially, I bought "The Whole Game" but all the episodic players got a jump start before launch. To me, the game hasn't officially launched in terms of 'I can play this now, yeay!"

  • It might be more beneficial to Telltale to go episodic, but that's not how I personally prefer to experience games.

    But it's also my own own damn fault for not having the patience to wait until all episodes are out.

  • Episodic what can I say I love the hype

  • Episodic is way to go, wait is a huge torture but when the episode finally comes out... Bäst feeling ever

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