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Bigby gets Tortured?

posted by SivD1 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users

Well, the trailer came out yesterday, and its AWESOME!

But, looking at it, I kind of came up with a theory. Well, in the trailer, we see The Crooked Man's torture device (the device his symbol signifies) turning slightly. Also, we see Bigby in pretty bad shape (he's got a big cut across his left eye). Note that he's only in this shape when he's talking to TCM and walking to Snow, so it might be from when he fights Bloody Mary and the rest (maybe she cuts him with a shard of mirror glass). But back to the point, will Bigby possibly be put in the Torture Device at some point?

Now, it seems kind of hard to believe that they would have the strength to put Bigby in there (even with Jersey Devil), but what if he does it out of his own free will? What if they bring out Nerissa or use Vivian to threaten him. Possibly, they threaten him that if he doesn't go in of his own accord, they'll remove the ribbons or something? It might be a choice, do it and they live, or resist and they die, and then Bigby goes Wolf Level 1 (Level 2 is Episode 3 Back Alley, and Level 3 Episode 5 Final Form) and fights Jersey like in the trailer?

Anyway, just a thought (hope Bigby doesn't get messed up XD). Let me know what you think. Happy Independence Day, you Americans (I'm Canadian/British)! XD

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