The Crooked Man will be our "judge"

Remember how in TWDS1, when you finally caught up with the Stranger, he sat you down and had a talk about all the things you did that season. I think The Crooked Man may fill this role. In the screenshots and the trailer, Crooky is holding Mary's gun at Bigby. I think this very well may be where he forces Bigby to think about all he's done over the course of that Season. If not there, it could be at the start of the episode in his lair. What do you guys think? Will there be a "judge", and if so, will it be Crooky? What actions do you think he'd judge you on throughout your playthrough? There could be the mistreatment of Dee/Woody, killing Dum, burning down Greenleaf's tree, etc etc.


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    I wouldn't want the same thing that happened in TWD season finale happen in TWAU, they can't just repeat the same scene in another game.

    They could do it in a more subtle way, but i think it wouldn't work. I mean, who's ''Crooky'' to judge us? He's a goddamn killer.
    There's no way he could know most of these things anyway...

  • I'm not advocating a repeat. As we've seen, Crooky (I just like the nickname is all) has ears everywhere. I mean, the Stranger had his wife's head in a bowling bag and it still worked. I just want our actions to mean something. If it culminates with a judge proving that Bigby is no better than him, I'm okay with that.

  • Alright, i see what you mean.

    If not Crooky (Yup that's a thing now.) maybe Snow could do it too.

  • I like the idea of Snow being the one to do it, too. It would be a lot closer to heart than a villain and an exploiter doing it.

  • It could be something similar as what TWD did, but this time a play with more aspects into it.

    Depending on our actions throughout the game, the Crooked Man could either agree / disagree, approve / disapprove, commend / criticize our actions and motives. I believe that the confrontation will be a play on ideals in general, wherein Bigby and Snow showcases the old, broken system (which they are trying to desperately repair), The Crooked Man in contrast as an alternative has ideas of a new and improved system to Fabletown and will want to convince Bigby to see matters his way. Bigby will be given the chance to either live in this new world or die in the old one.

    Or at lest, that is what I wish to happen.

  • live in this new world or die in the old one.

    Did you just quote Daenerys?

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    he better not!! I will destroy this guy!!!

  • He won't be a very good judge. Bigby's no angel, but TCM is a monster.

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