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I have a Question to this community. For a week i getting banned, well i think because I said "Fuck you telltale" cause of the long wait of there games. Well i know insulting is a bad thing and stuff, but I didnt mean it in a evil way. I am on this community for 6 month and in this time I have read things wich were much harder and more personally against telltale than my two words. But I dont want to make an excuse for me. I just thought that before a member is getting banned, they will get a warning. Somebody who texted this member "dont do this or we will shut down ur account". And I thought this because i found this on the rules page. Well I didnt get a single warning. I looked in my email or if i get an pm, but nothing. Just shut down. Is this okay?
I mean, I'm just asking


  • I excuse myself for bad english

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    I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately as you violated the forum rules and guidelines, you are susceptible to being banned if the offense is heavy enough. Please refrain from using any vulgar or offensive language in the future.

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    I excuse myself for bad english

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