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SBCG4AP Mentioned in the 1st official nintendo mag!!!

posted by Lachlan_is on - Viewed by 95 users
I picked up the 1st official Aus. nintendo mag and in the review seciton, under "Wiiware:The best titles currently availabe on the WiiWare download service" guess what game is on the top of the list at 88%*? SBCG4AP!!!

The short thing reads this:
A hilarious adventure game based on one of the funniest internet cartoons around. The point-and-click gameplay may put off some people, but those unfazed by that will love it.
Good on ya ttg and the brothers chaps

*85-89% rating says: "Excellent: A diamond in the rough. Only Minor problems with design, difficulty or controls affect this game." but still, only 2% off of a "Gold award" so good jorb
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