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Make Your Own Videlectrix Game!

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In case there ever is a season 2, post all of your suggestions/ideas for future Videlectrix games here.
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  • Here's my idea:

    Title: Rough Copy Platformer: The Sandpaper Edition

    Premise: A platformer based on the e-mail "rough copy" (you can watch it here: where you play as Strong Bad in his barbed wire costume.

    Gameplay: You jump across platforms and shoot enemies with bullet ammo that you pick up along the way. There are three different types of enemies: Maraudering Moles, Stealing Swine and Baboon Bandits. Bonus points are earned by collecting soft tacos.
  • Mabye the true Spirits of 76, Hathathlon, Mr. Fixit, Lady Crate Ape. What am I talking about. Mabye a game of mini SB adventures like traveling through space, jumping over sharks, dodging a herd of bulls, or fishing/rowing to sea and we could play as SB related people like SB, Ultimate SB, his sprite changes from 8 Bit is Enough or Stinkoman along with unlockable that you can get with codes from the manuals with like 8 pages and pages 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 having a code to play with any other characters.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    My original design for "Astro Shark Surfer" never made it in. I opted for Snake Boxed V instead. Who knows, maybe one day...
  • That sounds cool. Could you show us some designs.
  • game name: RPG

    premise: a two minute RPG where the entire goal of the game is to make it to level two AND collect an item (check it out: this is so awesome. You have to look BEHIND something! Brilliant!)

    Enemies: just one. He is called THE DOT. It looks like he's only made of one pixel, but if you look closesly you can see that he actually also uses half of another pixel. Brilliant!
  • Nah, Mark's space shark-jumping game was really cool at the beginning, but it got really lame about halfway through.
  • I don't think they should make ANY new games until after Stinkoman 20X6 level 10 is released. After finally playing through the game (or at least the portion that's up now), I am craving level 10.

    After that, I'd love to see a space shooter similar to Galaga, maybe somewhat like a hyped-up version of the sample game from PAY PLUS!
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    MarkDarin wrote: »
    My original design for "Astro Shark Surfer" never made it in. I opted for Snake Boxed V instead. Who knows, maybe one day...
    That sounds cool. Could you show us some designs.

    I was gonna upload some sketches, but I cant find them. Oh well.
  • I'm thinking of a wild western game that is based on the Pony Express. You play a lone horse-riding delivery man that must survive hazards, such as rattlesnakes, cactus, stapeding bison, and indians, in order to deliver mail to a homestead. It'll be both entertaining and educational, like the game with the math loving kung-fu fighters.
  • How about Dangeresque Roomisode? Sounds kind of fun, a point-and-click-em-up inside a point-em-click-em-up. Then, inside that game, Videlectrix added another Videlectrix game, to mimick that of Telltale's Videlectrix mini-games. So, instead of having one mini-game, you'll get one mini-game and a micro-game!

    Or, "Continuously tap this button", in which you will need to tap a certain button continuously in order to win. No time limit, just keep on pressing until you've reached the end or something.
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