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Choice and consequence

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do you think tftb will have choice and consequence

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Yes, most certainly. The choice system is at this point the new template for Telltale's games.

    In various previews, Telltale has mentioned that the choice/consequence system will have an interesting twist for Tales from the Borderlands; instead of dealing with morally gray choices like Wolf Among Us or Walking Dead, you will instead be placed in situations where greed is always good and you are forced to choose between the better of two extremely desirable outcomes.

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    Choosing dialogue:

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Choosing weapons for a robot:

    Alt text

    I believe it's also been said that you can find loot and money around the game, and later use this money to bribe people.

  • The real question is: will choices actually have a major impact on the game's storyline? The previews/interviews from E3 made it sound like it actually will.

    • One of my favorite quotes from the interviews so far came from a telltale dev. I know I'm butchering it, but the essence was...

      "In the walking dead, we try to make the player make split second decisions that almost never have 'all sunny' outcomes. Essentially, we make you pick between two horrible, horrible decisions. Our outlook on Tales from the Borderlands is to give you two options you WANT to do, either because they are beneficial or funny."

      I think that's a good sign of things to come with this game.

  • You can expect the game to be similar to or the same as Telltale's recent games, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, in that there will be choices, QTEs and that there likely won't be much gameplay. In other words, expect it to be more story and dialog focused, kind of like watching a movie.

    That said, Tales from the Borderlands might include more gameplay elements and such. I do know there is the added element of looting, whether that be mainly for cash or for actual equipment. (I'd expect the game to be winnable no matter your equipment if you do hunt for loot, but it'll just lead to different scenes and such)

    But I wouldn't bank on the choices leading to story branching. Up until now, the choices haven't resulted in many changes at all with their games, though there was one instance with The Wolf Among Us in episode 3. I hope things do change, but it's just that it's best to bank on the choices not mattering that much so that you're not disappointed.

    Regardless, it really is hard to answer these questions when we haven't played the game. We can only use Telltale's recent games as a reference point.

  • Telltale has said that the Borderlands characters are greedy and that you may have to backstab other characters and instead of wanting to NOT choose both options like in TWDG (Like the Kenny vs Lilly thing) you'll want to wish you could pick both options.

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