• Ehh, I have to disagree. I feel that you looking for theories alot may have hurt your experience a bit. I know that's bad if that's th case, but I didn't really try to theorise too much so I'm more surprised. I'm pretty happy with the episode, and I feel they wrapped it up pretty well. Haha, I think you're right with that whole cliffhanger thing though, but I'm just desperate for a season 2 :)

    • I totally agree that theorizing too much may have hurt my experience. I was afraid that was gonna happen as I got more and more involved with the story and the wait for new episodes had me looking into many possibilities. In fact I think I had a better theory on how it could have played out than what the writers did, lol. Too bad I guess! :-)

  • 1.(There are many holes in the realization that Faith is Nerissa)

    no there is not really especially when I think back about all the episodes I could totally see them being the same person plus they have the kind of magic in that world to actually pull it off

    2..(unless a glamour could mimic the marks of her being slapped around by the Woodsman. And whose head was it then)

    who says It cant be done especially with black market glamour

    3.(In the end, to me it felt like Nerissa(Faith) just tricked/played us from the beginning)

    She seem very street smart to me even the beginning so I does not surprise me at all that she tricked bigby and I could totally buy her doing that lol

    • Ok, but, if you can see that clearly she playing us off, whose head do you think it is? I had theorized about Faith being Nerissa way back but I dismissed it because Nerissa wasn't a new comer (if she was a new dancer, I would be more inclined to believe the possibility). Now I'm left thinking that the head we found may be the real Nerissa's. Faith is the coldest bitch if that's so.

      • 1.(Ok, but, if you can see that clearly she playing us off, whose head do you think it is)

        most likely it was Nerissa head

        2.(Faith is the coldest bitch if that's so)

        she probably is

        the reality is when you think about we really didn't know that chick we just assumed we did and she used it to her advantage lol

  • Wow ... Wait what ?

    Why i didn't understand that ? Faith is Nerissa ... ? Can someone explain to me cause i'm not sure i really understood this ending.

    Edit : Is this because of the " you're not as bad as everyone say you are " ?

    • Faith played bigby from the start

      it like in most noir detective stories

      the beautiful woman who the hero first meets turn out to be setting him up the whole time lol

    • They both said various similar things and had similar mannerism, like touching Bigby's arm and the way she showed the ribbon when asking him if he liked it. People even have theorized on that when ep4 came out, but it didn't got too popular.

    • Okay thanks ! But this is still confusing on some points .... Why ?

      • What i get from the ending of episode 5 is that Faith was actually dead before Bigby talked to "her" in the first episode. The "her" that Bigby talked to was actually Nerissa glamoured to look like Faith so that she could get Bigby to somewhat care about Faith.
        Then, later that night, Nerissa broke her glamour and dropped Faith's (already dead) head off at Bigby's doorstep. And then, since Bigby now somewhat cared about Faith, he wanted to find out who did it. Thus, eventually helping the girls at the Pudding n' Pie (what Nerissa planned all along)

  • In general, I enjoyed the episode, but I feel kind of...I am no sure how I feel. I hoped to feel "Wow, that was amazing" and I am feeling a bit like "meh". I cannot say that I am disappointed, it was well-made and enjoyable, but I expected something more.
    However, in general, The Wolf Among Us is one of the best interactive stories I have ever played (we can't really call it a game, can we?) and I am really glad TellTale made this game. They dealt with the topic very well and very smoothly, and, what can I say, well-done guys!

  • One more thing. I suspect that cigs are the key to some questions. Faith smoked cigarettes. Nerissa at the end takes one from Bigby. It doesn't, unlike other characters, comment on the fact that Huff'n'Puff are foul quality smokes. Now, I vaguely remember that the same cigs were left in one of the key locations during the season. I just don't remember where. This could answer some questions.

    Also, Nerissa mentions a photo at the end that one of the girls wanted to use to blackmail Crane. The very photo was, as I suspect, found under the bed in the hotel room, where Lily died. Were they planted? If yes, by whom? The same person who took Snow Whites head to leave at the Bigby's place? If only I had time to replay the whole season. But I hope some of you remember :)

  • It was just a weird fucking ending to me.

    Did Swinehart not realize that it was not Faith's head, if we're saying that it was a glamoured Nerissa that got killed? Or did Swinehart play along with it?

    I have to play through the entire game again and see if there are any plot holes to this, which I really think there is. Hmm.

    Episode 5 rating: 7/10

    • Maybe it WAS Faith's head, but the Faith we saw at Episode 1 beginning could be Nerissa glamoured.

    • They only found "Faiths" head. Swineheart probably noticed something was strange with it and was still in the process of doing tests. I had a theory that wasn't completely right but unlike OPs theory, I was at least in the same ballpark. I was wrong about which person Faith was glamoured as, but was right about Faith being glamoured as someone. And unlike OP, my ego isn't so inflated that me being wrong about my theory didn't ruin the game for me. Which is why I'm not posting a thread complaining about episode 5. And contrary to what OP thinks, this ending was great. It was left ambiguous enough for there to be a 2nd season, but enough closure in case they want to stop there. Here's my suggestion for you and OP. Read the graphic novels.

      • yeah i enjoyed every bit of this season and it did well enough for telltale to do a second... always view it from a business viewpoint.. if something sells almost certainly more will follow

    • He may have known something just wasn't right. But before, Lilly's glamour only wore off when the tube was opened, and we never found Faith/Nerissa's glamour tube.

    • Faith was already dead before the episode started. Nerissa tells you that she put the head on the steps for Bigby to find. If that is the case, the only real possiblity left is that Nerissa was glamoured as Faith from the start.

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