So was Prince Lawence just a narrative dead end?

Did Prince Lawrence ever do anything at all after episode 1? I mean, I accidentally let him die but I imagine that people who helped him live would want some ending to that sub-plot.

Kind of makes you wonder if Telltale had plans for that character but nixed it when they saw most people accidentally let him die.


  • I saved him, In this episode, if you bring the crooked man alive he will yell at the crooked man about faith. That's really all, I was kind of hoping for more.

  • players sadly didn't care for prince Lawence character and they even chose toad over him lol

    he is the doug of the wolf among us game lol

  • I think its because the majority of people let him die in episode 1. TellTale i don't think wanted to give him a big part because of it.
    Maybe if more people saved him in episode 1 TellTale may have giving him a bigger role.

  • For me personally, I picked Toad over him because Toad was a character I already knew from the opening and he sounded like his problem was a matter of great urgency. Whereas Lawrence came out of nowhere and it wasn't clear how close he was to dying or whatever. If the game had outright said "You can save a man's life or go investigate a potential crime scene" I'm sure that vast majority of players would have picked Lawrence ina heartbeat.

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