The part with Bigby that made me burst out cheering

Right from the very start, Bigby in his full on wolf form seemed like a long shot. How would that work in Telltale's visual design? How would that play? What situation would warrent such an action by Bigby? (Bigby seldom goes full Wolf in the comics).

But then that teaser image came out of Bigby as the wolf and I was floored that it was actually going to happen. Then the tease in the trailer and I freaked out.

During the Bloody Mary fight I knew that this would be when he went full wolf and I was not disappointed.

But...I couldn't help but feel a little let down. Sure he's big and awesome but it's a shame Telltale didn't-

Then! A close up of Bigby's mouth! "Hammer the A button!!!!" The game screamed! Why? thought I. Is he going to chomp Mary in half? Is he going to howl? Don't tell me he'll actually...

But he did!!! Dear lord he did!!! Telltale actually did it!!! Those maniacs actually went and did it!!!


Just like that, all my lingering annoyance at Telltale for their delays and their alleged story reworking was all gone. Bigby huffed and puffed and you can't tell me that one action alone didn't make the whole thing worthwhile.


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    You are not alone in this. Right from the beginning when Bigby felt down with Mary on his back he seemed a bit more....hairy than usual in his werewolf form. Right then I knew what was gonna happen next, and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest! Even Mary left me pleasantly surprised, and like you said, we got a close up of Bigby's mouth, mash the Q/A button and voila!

    It's actually pretty amazing the things Telltale can make you feel with mainly just pushing a button:).

    Oh, and not only did they nail his wolf form perfectly...he also looked adorable:). I wish I could have pet him, without him killing me,though.

  • Bidby turning wolf form worked a lot better than i ever thought it would and liked that even when he was in his wolf form
    he still was being overwhelmed by bloody mary

    I think it was one of the best action scenes of the season and possibly of any other telltale game i have ever played.

  • Even from a non comic book reader, it was pretty damn cool.

  • Yeah, that was by far the best scene in the episode. The transformation was cool enough, but then as soon as the mash X prompt appeared I was like oh no, I know what's coming next. Very cool scene. 10/10 would blow again... wait...

  • the only issue i had with mary's end was she wasn't thrown in the ever present molten metal container moving around them.

    it was a clever if annoyingly anticlimactic red herring.

  • I saw a picture of a page from the comics of snow petting him in that form, with a big old smile on his I'm sure he'd be fine with it...

    You are not alone in this. Right from the beginning when Bigby felt down with Mary on his back he seemed a bit more....hairy than

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