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I already expected to be underwhelmed since it's been a trend for me since part 2. I just didn't expect it to be this much. The worst of it is, Bigby is a shit detective. He doesn't figure stuff out (apart from 2 inconsequential scenes in ep 1 and 2, arguably when the series was still on the ball). Other people has to spell shit out for him. The Crooked Man had a point, Bigby had no evidence. What a fucking imbecile.

Part 1 had such great promise. I was so looking forward to a playing a detective out to solve a mystery. That was the first arc of the comics. That was the kind of story that introduced the Fables universe. Instead of Columbo, I got an incompetent Vic Mackey,

Edit: Just want to clarify that I still think the game had a lot of good parts and my disappointment is ultimately how the story was resolved, which unfortunately colors the rest of the series now. I would still recommend it to anyone even though I doubt I'll ever replay it myself.

Edit2: Sorry for my, uh, colorful language and hyperbole in this thread. It's my lazy attempt at sounding casual. I do not mind you guys disagreeing. I don't want to come off like I'm belittling anyone for having a different opinion. I like debate, not fights.



  • haters gonna hate lol

  • No shit?

    Next thing I'll be told is Lovers gonna love!

  • I disagree, I liked ep5.

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    I think the wolf among us was brilliant, short but brilliant.

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    How exactly were people forced to spell things out for Bigby? Do you have any examples? I honestly don't think that's true at all.

    Sure, maybe the guy had to work for it a bit, but he still figures things out on his own (as much as can reasonably be expected). If he just magically somehow solved the whole thing from the very beginning we wouldn't have had a game.

  • Bigby has a 'hot' head and 'big' heart thats probably not the combination best detective possess, i dont know how he fares in comics (since i never read it) but surely he learned alot by all this and hence he does much better in comics.

  • And how exactly does he do poorly in the game though..?

  • Not forced.

    But telling Bigby how things went down is seemingly Nerissa's entire role throughout. Crooked Man does the same thing. So does Georgie. Most of the mystery is solved by people simply telling Bigby about it, instead of Bigby figuring it out through special detective skills or whatever.

  • never said he did poorly its just that on some occasions he got outsmarted and it was good because if bigby was most smartest guy in the game it wouldn't be as much fun -.-

  • So what, this isn't a detective game and Bigby can be tricked, that has happened with him in comics.

  • So Bigby is a shit detective.

  • I agree with you on one thing: we didn't have concrete evidence of CM being the mastermind of killing Faith and Lily. I realized it as soon as he said it. Everything was hearsay, and not only that, but Georgie and Vivian both died and Nerissa made a little white lie. We all knew he was guilty, but to actually prove it would've been hard and a lost battle if Nerissa didnt randomly pop up. We prob couldn't pin him on the murders, but of the enslavement of Fables making glamours if we showed the crowd Johanns butcher shop.

  • I just don't get how much better he could realistically do though. Where does he get outsmarted?

  • The first episode was a master piece. I expected more from the season, specially the finale. I wonder if the story was better before they had to rewrite it. I guessing so.

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    That isn't really 100% true. For the most part, Bigby solves all the major things on his own. My Bigby figured out Georgie was the killer all on his own. The Crooked Man didn't tell him anything he didn't already know. My Bigby already knew everything about the ribbons, with the exception that Vivian was the person the spell was binded to. He also didn't know anything about Nerrisa's information at the very end, but that's understandable as it was essentially impossible for him to know. The guy can't mind read. Just because he gets told a few details doesn't mean he is a poor detective.

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    looks like your in the waaaaayy minority here..

    brilliant series

  • When did Bigby ever get tricked?

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    Usually polices solve crimes by interrogating the suspects, find out things from them and then arrest the real criminals.

    But they also look for clues like Bigby did in every episode and he solved the crime, so I don't see how's he is a shitty detective?

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    That whole trial is idiotic. It's ridiculous that it's done immediately. The two fucking "prosecutors" haven't even debriefed yet.

    It could have been redeemed if we saw a forehead slap from Snow. "Oh right, we should have brought witnesses, evidence, got our stories straight..."

    Why were the butcher and the witch in the "crowd" instead of witnesses for the prosecution? Even Beast, though he would be useless.

    For people who have lived in the mundane world for centuries, they seem to be totally unaware of typical mafia shit. Like how the head is always protected by several layers of plausible deniability,

    And for comics readers, why the hell is imprisonment even on the table? They execute motherfuckers for less.

  • They have had worse trials in the comics. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read it yet (really isn't a big deal though), but you know what I'm talking about.

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    Trusty John got tossed down the Witching Well basically immediately.. right?

    Heck, there have been characters in the comics that weren't even given a trial, and were just killed outright (Crane).

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    I've held the minority opinion several times, even just in this forum. I'm used to it:)

    Just to be clear. I am happy those who liked the game, liked the game. I envy that. Edit: I mean the last episode.

  • So getting tricked makes you a shit detective? Guess Batman and Sherlock Holmes are shit detectives too.

  • Whole Nerissa/Faith thing, fact that Georgie was the murderer, there was no hint that it could be he.

  • You are conflating what you're guesses as a player with Bigby's knowledge. No, Bigby doesn't know what the ribbons did until Nerissa spells it out for him. Bigby was never shown figuring out that Georgie killed the girls. That was an ass pull by him, and a savvy multiple choice answer by the players.

    This isn't about reading minds. This is about him actually deducing stuff.

  • I'd love to see actual interrogation/cross examination. Tight lipped suspects getting caught in lies by the smart detective. The game instead just has people offering Bigby information.

  • The Nerrisa/Faith thing isn't him getting tricked. He simply didn't know the information, and never really formed an opinion.

    If you listen outside of the door at the end of E4, you can clearly hear Georgie say "stop laughing at me". I immediately became convinced he was the murderer when I heard that. Even in the instance that you don't figure out who the murderer is on your own, that is completely different from getting tricked.

  • I think there is gonna be a season 2, so maybe Telltale will make it even better?

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    Nerrissa couldn't even tell Bigby anything, so how exactly did she tell him about the ribbons? Bigby pieced it together on his own, or at least as much as could reasonably be expected. Obviously if he had zero help or evidence to look at, there would be no way for him to figure anything about.

    Figuring out that Georgie was the killer was not just a random shot in the dark or anything. If you listen at the door at the end of E4, you hear Georgie say "stop laughing at me". Given that, the likelihood of him being the murderer goes way up. There really was no way to have a complete concrete idea on who the murderer was. Literally none. Your expectations are a little unrealistic.

  • These are all after Bigby spent a time gathering evidence.

    Bigby got Kay to look at John. John broke down and confessed when questioned.

    Bigby had a whole entrapment sting against Crane. A bunch of evidence (bullshit ones, but still) was gathered.

    Compare to the clusterfuck in the game.

  • No, his point had nothing to do with that I was saying.

  • If that was enough for Bigby he would try to arrest Georgie. Fact is Bigby didn't know what the hell was going on right till the end when it was explained to him by Georgie, Vivian and Nerissa/Faith. xChryst probably wanted this to be a detective where you have to find the killer by placing the evidence and not someone telling you who it really was, most people disagree and think that ep5 was awesome.

  • Nerissa told Bigby about the ribbons the same way she told Bigby to go to that hotel room: through obvious hints.

    There was no "complete concrete idea on who the murdered was" because Bigby doesn't really even try beyond following what others tell him. Or, actually, Telltale didn't have him do much. There are a bunch of clues that players picks up on, but those aren't necessarily things Bigby picks up on.

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    Yeah, that's more or less it. I don't even mean this has to be a game where the gameplay involves detective work. But the story itself could have been driven by Bigby figuring out things.

    The game barely shows Bigby figuring anything out and mostly is just there to be a big tough guy to beat other people up.

  • shitty detective ?

    right so using some tv shows as an example

    csi series: investigating scene of the crime for evidence whilst wearing normal day/ posh clothes bringing in their own contaminants but wear gloves and then follow the leads generated = good detectives bigby therefore is good.

    murder she wrote and bones : interviewing suspects talking to them, even flat out telling them how they think it happened to the actual killer to get them to openly boast about it... = good trickery bigby gets another good point.


    detectives use any means or angle they find to get the truth or the killer or the perp. it is not limited to their own skills but how the suspects behave/act upon being suspected...

  • Hopefully. If only to make another game with the same amazing aesthetic.

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    He probably wanted an ending like the Rose Red case in comics, where Bigby rounds everyone up and explains everything putting evidence after evidence together, kinda like those Hercule Poirot episodes. Almost impossible to do with a game like this and unnecessary.

  • Totally agree with the first post.

    Bigby and the Fables have been there for hundreds of years, they're supposed to be savvier. I facepalmed more than once at the things he needed spelled out, at the times when his heightened senses weren't even acknowledged on crime scenes, at how the character felt different from the comics overall.
    And futhermore, I felt the storyline was very confuse (only at THE VERY END do we really learn why the murders were committed... Wouldn't that be the first question to ask ? Bigby fails to do so).
    I shouldn't be too hard on the series because it's the reason why I began to read the comics (I read them before playing the game, but i wouldn't have known of their existence if it wasn't for the game), but I feel let down by this whole season.

    Adding this and the technical problems that most Telltale games have (wasn't able to play the game for few weeks after buying it, can't change the controls and so on...). Not really excited for a second season personnally, I sadly have to admit.

  • Unfortunately I can't comment on those shows since I haven't watched them.

    Bigby has not demonstrated much of his skills, is my point. How Bigby got to the perp didn't exactly showcase his brilliant crime solving abilities. It showed he can beat up people pretty good, and generally be an intimidating thug, though.

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