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I actually felt sorry for Georgie...

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...well done Telltale, well done...


  • I kind of feel bad for him but at the same time, I don't. I'm shocked it was him but not surprised....he got what he deserved for what he did to those girls. The image of Vivian taking her own life, though. Sheesh...

  • Me too. His voice actor did a really good job.

  • They did an excellent job with portraying his character. I've probably never felt so torn about any video game character before and his VA being superb only added to that.

  • He choice to kill the girls he could of done something or went and find Bigby for help, Nerissa is the only smart person who wanted help. There was always a way to not kill people Nerissa thught she was going to die she asked for help from Bigby and look were it went he stopped it.

  • too! It actually made me really sad...he was a cool character...kinda liked him since his first appearance.

  • I was shocked to see that most people didn't kill Georgie. What is wrong with people?

    • Well,some people think he deserved it.He actually did.But I couldn't make him suffer more after Vivian

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      Jennifer Moderator

      One line you get to choose to have Bigby say after you choose to not kill Georgie summed up my reasons for not killing him perfectly, "I won't be a murderer".

      Georgie was hurt because he got sliced when he attacked Bigby during a fight. I wasn't going to have Bigby kill Georgie in the club, since it would be murder at that point since it wasn't in self defense.

      • Would* it really be murder though? Georgie wanted you to end it. It was kind of an act of mercy.

      • So you would rather let him suffer and techincally still be the one to kill him? Remind me never to get in a fight with you.

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          Jennifer Moderator

          If a police officer shot a criminal, and they were dying from their wounds, that police officer can't just shoot the criminal again when the fight is over to put him out of his misery.

          Snow White is trying to make Fabletown into a place that no longer goes by Old West style justice, so I chose Bigby's actions with a less vigilante style of mindset.

          • Cops haven't got authority like Bigby. And justice isn't the same as doing what's better. Just sometime goes against what's best for everyone. But, sure, it's easier on your contentiousness to leave someone to die instead of putting him out of his misery because you don't want to get your hands dirty, if you are a coward.

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              Jennifer Moderator

              That's the point of Snow White's wanting to change things though, since Bigby has too much leeway to do what he wants and because of that the Fables are resentful of him.

              Snow White wants to change all that to bring a more structured system of law and order to Fabletown in order to make the Fables feel safe. Because of that, I tried not to have Bigby succumb to his wolf side when he wasn't in danger.

          • Hell, I guess we just have different opinion on how to run Fable Town. I respect your opinion and I hope you respect mine and let us leave it at that.

      • Well, Bigby already did kill him, it's not like Georgie stabbed himself. Ending it for Georgie in the club was a mercy kill, actually quite noble if you ask me.

      • I left him, Thinking he would die in seconds anyway. Instead he suffers, He isn't a good guy anyway.

    • I tried to give him the gift of mercy ala Game of Thrones. But it didn't look very merciful.

    • I didnt kill him cuz I wanted him to suffer. Painfully. I may have felt bad for him for like a split second, but then I remembered that he took advantage of those girls and then killed them. So yeah.

      • To think about it, although he is a killer and nothing would ever change that fact, the death he did gave to those girls, I would think it'll be a painless way to go. When whats her name, screw it. Pull of her ribbon, a quick and painless death and not a word or breath.

    • While i was playing the game, it occurred to me, are your thoughts those of BigBy thoughts or does he have his own mind and form his own opinions. At that point I was just thinking, what would BigBy do.

      Snow did spoke of how BigBy enjoys killing, but this would collide with my thought process since I don't take the pleasure in that activity.
      "or do I !?!" But I was just wondering about that.

  • I felt bad for him too. I thought it was a really awesome scene, the notifications were saying things like Georgie will take that to his grave which was spooky. Then I promised him that the Crooked Man would die worse than him and I ripped his guts out.

  • I just wish Telltale gave me the option to make his death quick by snapping his neck, instead of ripping his guts out like a sadist. I mean, I took pleasure in ripping Crooky's head off, but he elicited no sympathy from me.

    • Agreed, I don't like how Bigby is so harsh with the killing blow. I mean, I know he's pissed, and rightfully so, but I was expecting a neck snap.

    • When you think about it though, how else would he have killed him? Should he have ripped Georgie's throat out instead? Bigby didn't really have a lot of I guess he could have tried snapping his neck, though that may not have occured to him.

      At least he didn't create a new wound. He simply finished off the process of what was killing Georgie in the first place.

  • Should have been an option to let him go. Also, I find it ridiculous that a Fable as well known as Georgie died from that wound. Stuff like that and the complete disregard for Bigby's sense of smell, made this game hard to "believe" at certain points. Still had a great time though.

    • Who really remembers Georgie Porgie as a Fable? How hard a Fable can take a hit is based off how well known they are. Man the book of fables entries are really helpful :)

    • In the comics, several Fables have died from getting shot or stabbed.

      • The injuries I've seen in the comics are far worse than what Georgie had.

        • Really? His guts were hanging out.

        • I'm assuming you haven't read much of the comics then. I'm not going to name names, but some have died from single gun shot wounds. At least one character has died from a single stab wound.

          • and they weren't as well known as Georgie. I've read a great deal of the series actually, but nice ass-umption.

            • Lol, no idea why you're talking my response so personally.

              And Georgie isn't really well known at all. Not really any more so than the ones that died from "minor" incidents.

              • Who says I am taking anything personally? I was merely calling you out for being a bit condescending.

                "I'm assuming you haven't read much of the comics then."

                That doesn't come off as douchey to you? Yet you're catching feelings over "ass-umption". XD

                • I was legitimately wondering if you had read much of the comics. It's your own fault if you interpreted some hidden meaning/insult behind that. Not sure why you wouldn't just take my comment at face value, which is why it seems like you were taking the question a little personally.

                  • No, if you were legitimately wondering then you would have just asked. Not said, "I'm assuming you haven't read much of the comics then", like some pompous arse. At face value it's a condescending comment. lol

                    • Okay, you're just being ridiculous.

                      There is nothing wrong in me assuming you haven't read much of the comics. Get over yourself.

                      • Get over myself? Why don't you take your own advice. lol

                        I am going to assume that you don't know how to speak to people and are a basement dwelling introvert. Not in a rude way though, I am just making an assumption. ;)

                        • Listen man, if I wanted to seriously insult you, why would I be here telling you that that was not my intention? That would be entirely counter productive and pointless to supposedly wanting to insult you in the first place. I had no other intention other than to seriously question whether or not you had read far into the comics. That is a completely valid thing to wonder.

                          Let's try a comparison. Lets pretend you said something along the lines of: "I don't think Bigby and Snow will ever get together". I then come in and say; "I'm going to assume you haven't read much of the comics then". Is that not a completely valid thing to wonder?? Given the fact that you seemingly could not think of any examples from the comics to relate to Georgie's death, I seriously wondered if you had not read much of the comics, hence why you weren't able to make a connection. All you had to do was back up your stance, and everything would have been answered. There was no reason for you to think I was being condescending or insulting.

                          I am going to assume that you don't know how to speak to people and are a basement dwelling introvert. Not in a rude way though, I am just making an assumption. ;)

                          Literally no comparison to what I said. This is obviously a veiled insult, and its not based on anything. Seriously, if you think that compares to me wondering how much of a story you have read or not, there is seriously something wrong with your reasoning skills.

  • Reminds me of one of those bad guys who try to make everything right when the end is near but they're too "tainted" to be given a second chance.

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