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Why is Telltale making a Borderlands game?

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I mean doing Episodes for The Walking Dead Franchise or Fables comics was plausible
both offer good story telling and characters
But Borderlands (and I'm not saying that the direction is bad just that it doesn't suit Telltale) is focused on gameplay, collecting stuff, shooting...
It doesn't have a good story or characters Be honest to yourselfs why do you play Borderlands?

I understand why they are making Game Of Thrones Episodes as this IP is similar to the previous
But instead of wasting resources on Borderlands they should focus on more Walking Dead and Wolf Among us as well as Game Of Thrones

  • cause theyre buddies with gearbox studios and they all got drunk and thought it was a good idea....good enough for me

  • I agree I wish they did something else or continue the wolf among us make a new season, Borderlands im not excited for

  • Because Borderlands has a shit-ton of lore to it, that TellTale could definitely do a lot with. This IS the same company who managed to make a game series based on Homestar Runner. If they can do that, they can do anything.

  • What's wrong with them trying new things?

    Before The Walking Dead season 1 came out everyone was bashing it saying it was gonna suck ass and look how that turned out. IT WAS GAME OF THE YEAR!

    All I'm saying is give this game a chance.

  • Because they want to?

    And the humor is perhaps the biggest draw of the Borderlands games, when it comes to characters/story. If you've not played Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey island, Strong Bad, then Telltale can do humor rather well. They're not just capable of writing dark, mature storylines. :)

  • i'ma wait till the whole season is complete.

  • It doesn't have a good story or characters Be honest to yourselfs why do you play Borderlands?

    I've never played the original Borderlands, so I can't speak of that one, but I have however played 2. I thought Borderlands 2 had a surprisingly good story, a great sense of humor, and an extremely colorful cast of fun characters. And hell, I'd even say that Handsome Jack is quite possibly my favorite villain ever. It's totally a universe I want to see more of.

    • Well I played both Borderlands and Borderlands 1 hardly had a story but it still had the humor and interesting characters.


      Like you said it had a great story and IMO was even funnier then the first one cough Mr.Torgue cough

      So yeah I'm really looking forward to this game for the story and the humor.

  • The lore of Borderlands is worth going further into. The more and more I keep hearing about this game, the more I think that Telltale is making the right decision to make a game about it.

  • come on lets be honest here you are not complaining cause you think borderlands has no story cause since the 2nd came out it does have one in fact all the people complaining think telltale are not capable of making a game focused on humor instead of dark moments well news flash before twd telltale were making games that focused on humor and that were family friendly no dark moments they are capable of making a non dark game so calm down maybe instead of complaining about wait times you should go and play the sam and max games or back to the future

    • yeah but TWD and TWAU are much better games than Sam and max or back to the future
      I'm sure they didn'T win GOTY now did they?

      • you don't get the point don't you? this has nothing to do with which game is better those were great games in their own way you might not see it cause you might have never played them so you see them as old shitty prototypes of telltale's future games but they are great telltale are capable of making a game that isn't dark and the proof is right in front of everyone I think you just hate borderlands in general by the sounds of it and thats ok but that does not mean that telltale are not able to make a great game based on it so far all of the previews that were shown to people in private conferences at e3 have been positive

      • Just because TWD won GOTY doesn't mean it's superior! It's just a title that gets forgotten a year or 2 later.

        I mean COD games have won GOTY before but that doesn't mean there amazing games now does it?

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        Jennifer Moderator

        They did actually. Like this one for the first Telltale Sam & Max game, or this one for Sam & Max: Season Two, or this one for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, or this one for Back to the Future: The Game. Not to mention this one for Tales of Monkey Island. Telltale has been making games that have been critically praised long before The Walking Dead came out.

        • Exactly. I'm trying to think of a bad Telltale game, and all I can think of is...Those CSI games. But they weren't bad, just...really boring. Or...that awful Jurassic Park game. (And, Telltale's reaction to the negative coverage didn't help them.)

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            Jennifer Moderator

            Yeah, the CSI games were good at what they were, but you really had to like that type of show with the Hollywood style crime tools and ham-fisted delivery. I like CSI: Las Vegas (during the Grissom years at least), so I liked Telltale's CSI games a lot. They stuck to the source material so closely that if you didn't like that type of show, there's no way you'd like the game.

            As for Jurassic Park, I liked that too, but I'm a big fan of QTE arcade games like Dragon's Lair or The Act. You really have to know what you're going in to, since it's nothing but quick time events with a few short moments of casual exploration. If that kind of game doesn't bother you, Jurassic Park is actually pretty good for it's genre. But, like CSI, you have to be a fan of the genre, and if you aren't, you definitely won't like it.

            The CSI games, Jurassic Park, and Law and Order (since this one sticks to the source material so much too, just like CSI) are pretty much the only Telltale games that are only for a select niche of people. The other games are pretty accessible to everyone, as long as you like the style of comedy/drama and/or don't mind the violence/obscenity of that particular franchise.

            • Anybody remember telltale texas hold em?! A.K.A beta poker night Eh if I could that would be telltales worst game but that was just a tech demo for the telltale tool.

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                Jennifer Moderator

                It was pretty much exactly like Poker Night 1, except with original characters instead of licensed ones. I thought the humor was pretty good in it, especially if you were a LucasArts fan before (that's the second biggest mustache I've ever seen!), which most people at the time that played it were, since Telltale was formed from the ashes of the cancelled Sam & Max: Freelance Police team.

                It's like the Poker Night games too, the joy is in the conversations, and you get to hear a lot more the more you play it. I thought Theodore Dudebrough was hilarious, and I'd still love to see a spinoff Dudebrough game.

                • I thought it was funny that they brought a character from that game into Sam & Max. Forgot his name but despite that I really didn't care for it. I got it off steam for like 2 bucks just to see how it was but I just didn't paticularly enjoy the dialouge or characters. But I love poker night for some strange reason...shrugs

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                    Jennifer Moderator

                    Yeah, Leonard Stakecharmer (Boris Krinkle in Telltale Texas Hold'em) showed up in Sam & Max Season One. It was funny the way they did it, since he was told in Telltale Texas Hold'em that he didn't look like a Boris Krinkle and he looked more like a Leonard Snakechalmer, and then Max telling him the exact opposite when he used the name Leonard Snakechalmer in Sam & Max Season One. I love it when Telltale does stuff like that. :P

                    The Poker Night games do have the benefit of having characters with years of back stories to pull from, whereas in Telltale Texas Hold'em they had to create backstories for the characters (Theodore Dudebrough actually has a pretty significant backstory, even to the point that Telltale created a fictional homepage for him), and base most of the humor off of the staff's past games and the movies they liked. It's a different kind of humor because of that, so I can see why you liked Poker Night but didn't like Telltale Texas Hold'em.

                    There's still a lot of potential in the Telltale Texas Hold'em characters though, since they (especially Dudebrough and Boris/Leonard) have been fleshed out pretty well as characters. I'd love to see a new, completely original, game from Telltale, and they've got the perfect basis for one right there. It would be a shame to see all of that effort making backstories for the characters go to a complete waste.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        yeah but TWD and TWAU are much better games than Sam and max

        Subjective, highly, highly subjective. I myself happen to think that Telltale has never done anything even remotely as excellent as The Devil's Playhouse. That's just my opinion.

        As to the 50+ institutions who are deciding on their individual "game of the year award", well...

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