New screenshots for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 - 'Amid the Ruins'

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4, Amid The Ruins, is within arm's reach! Check out the first screenshots here... and stay tuned next week for more news on the upcoming release!

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  • I really hope we get trailer and release dates next week! Too bad i have to wait cos i use ios u.u'

  • Maybe they will give us a sneek peek clip, cause' I love sneek peek clip.

  • Anything will be good lol, im excited x3

  • kept you finger cross.

  • I'm guessing July 22nd at the earliest

  • Loving the pace of releases recently, guys! Keep it up!

    Telltale's face when they realise I still haven't forgiven Bonnie for Walter.


  • They could easily aim for an October holiday release for EP5, so... sometime in August, at the latest?

  • I can't wait till next week, need to find Sarah (even if she is a pain in the ass) and that baby will be coming soon.
    oh and still need to find out what happened to Christa :-)

  • Can not wait for episode 4!!! Let's hope we find Sarah and hopefully Christa!? X

  • I'm pumped!!!

  • Ugh..Finally....

  • who thinks the first picture was a screenshot from last episode ending

  • Well I guess Luke finally showed up, Kenny. Again.

  • I feel bad for Sarah she watched her dad get his liver pulled out by lurkers and being eaten alive and I think she's dead a baby can't last that long

  • Ya know I have been buying all your episodes and walking dead games.. And I'm gonna tell ya telltale, I am really sick of waiting 3 months to play 10minutes of game play . I know it probably works out for you but we are your customers, every freakin week I check to see IF MY FAVORITE GAME.. RELEASED THE NEXT 10minutes.. But no you never release it knock this crap off and release the rest of the game.. I love your product and I hate the way you make us wait for it.. The only reason I know myself and I'm sure plenty of others have not deleted your game is only because I was assuming when I purchased your game that you would release these episodes 4-6 weeks like you said... But u lied u have never made 1 6-week deadline yet and that's being generous enough on our part to pay and wait for it.. And yet were still sitting here almost 3 count it 3!!!!!! MONTHS!!!!

    I know you have work to do and it gets backed up.. But dot lie to us after we fall in love with what is THE GREATEST STORY VIDEO GAME EVER!!! Seriously you have an amazing product but I cannot stand waiting this long.. I agreed to 4-6 weeks not 2-3 months that's just rediculous plz knock it off and just release our game..

    And If you decide to go further with this game and I hope you do... Please have it ready all of it.. Then release it all at once.. You will still get the people interested in it.. But you make wait forever and then I get bored and lose complete interest in it after waiting so long at this point I really don't care to play your game any more it's been pretty much ruined for me.. And it's not because you have a lame story or a boring game.. It is simply because I am so sick and tired of waiting for a game I bought 7!!!! MONTHS. AGO!!!!! That's just rediculous.. Please release the rest of the game.. I am serious you have something special here you really do.. Never have I heard of any video fam ever that had their fans ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS AKA LEE CLEMENTINE KENNY DUCK, never that is something completely ground breaking and I wish and hope you make more games like this and more games from this particular series... It's amazing and I know you guys at tell tale know as well you have your customers completely get emotionally invested in to the story.. That's amazing it truly is... When I first bought season 1 the walking dead you had already released all 5 episodes and I just want to take you through how amazing it was for me...

    I downloaded your game and started playing I was amazed at the story and how much I was getting into a game I downloaded on my phone.. Next thing I know it's 10hrs later and in still playing and have not stopped.. No video game has ever captured my attention like season 1 and I got to play from episode 1-5 in one sitting all night.. I thought wow this is the best video game ever.. And I had an xbox right infront of me and yet I could not have cared less about it.. I loved te story the people and not only that the entire play of the game... I LOVED THAT MY CHOICES ACTUALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE.. That's amazing and when I heard a second season was coming out OMG I was so excited... I couldn't wait to find out where we were going clementine and I and what will happen to her now the lee died Saving her life I'm a 27yr old man when I was playing season1 and I almost cried when lee got clementine back and I almost cried when lee got bit or scratced.. It truly is AMAzing what you guys have done here... But here we sit 7 months later and I'm still waiting on you guys.. Can you please release it and the rest of the game because I don't want to go from loving what quite possibly is the best video game story of all time to hating how you guys handle it making me and after talking to plenty of others HATE THEM GAME and what you guys do to us making us wait 7 months for 2/3s of the game... I hope you take this letter seriously I clearly spent a lot of my own time on it.. Only because I really do love this game and how long you are making me wait.. Well I just don't want to wait any longer and I have already taken out the emotional investment side of the game.. Which now basically just ruins the game for me..

    Thank you for your time I hope this helps you in a decision do release some episodes, we really are tired of waiting

    Thank you very much

    Your customer,
    Ryan Lage

  • I hope they release the new episode on the 29th, it's going to be my birthday. :)

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