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Magic Mirror lips are sealed

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A lot of people are still confused about the faith/Nerissa thing and I keep going back and fourth. One thing that held me up was the fact that the mirror couldn't reveal Faiths location when she appeared to be dead, a lot of people think that means she's still out there with a ribbon on, but I just replayed ep. 2 and The magic mirror when asked where lily was( knowing her body was in the next room over) still said "These lips are sealed" which confuses the hell out of me because the spell was obviously broken. Yeah the end dialog suggested Nerissa was Faith but now I'm back to the drawing board.

  • But thinking about it further you didn't actually know it was lily yet, before you investigated her body and broke the glamour, but still her ribbon was gone, so could the glamour have an additional effect?

  • I also thought about the magic mirror. It's most likely the mirror couldn't reveal Lily's location because Vivian was still alive, thus the spell still being in effect.

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