What were all your choices...

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In The Wolf among Us

  • Episode 1
  • Gave Faith the money
  • promised Beauty that I would lie to Beast
  • helped Toad first
  • I didn't rip Gren's arm
  • I arrested Dee,
  • I placed the pimp(Georgie) as the murder suspect

  • Episode 2

  • I sympathized with Crane
  • I tortured Dee
  • I let Snow come with me
  • I smashed all Georgie's stuff and hit him
  • I didn't hit Beast a second time

  • Episode 3

  • I let Snow finish the eulogy
  • I went to the Trip Trap, Crane's place, then Dee and Dum's office
  • I gave FlyCatcher a job
  • I hired Greenleaf,
  • I spared Dum

  • Episode 4

  • I let Colin stay
  • Tried to take the ribbon off
  • I went to The Cut Above first
  • I gave Toad money
  • I chose to smoke

  • Episode 5

  • I killed Georgie
  • Brought The Crooked Man back alive
  • I imprisoned The Crooked Man
  • Accepted TJ's gift for Snow
    Told Nerissa "I hope I've done some Good here"

What were your choices?


  • Episode 1 :Gave Faith the money, lied to Beast, helped Toad first (Lawrence died), didn't tear off Gren's arm, arrested Woody, named Georgie the suspect.

    Episode 2: Sympathised with Crane, treated Woody well while he was in custody, let Snow come to the Trip Trap, didn't smash up George's bar, did hit Beast while he was down (kind of out of character for my 'nice Bigby' run, but I hate that 'Crazy Jealous Guy Starts A Fight' thing)

    Episode 3: Let Snow finish the eulogy, visited the Trip Trap > Crane's apartment > Tweedle office, let Flycatcher have his job back, didn't let Snow burn the tree (but didn't offer Greenleaf a job), spared Dum.

    Episode 4: Let Collin stay, didn't remove the ribbon, went to the Lucky Pawn first, gave Toad money for a glamour, lit a cigarette.

    Episode 5: Killed Georgie, brought the Crooked Man to stand trial, then threw him down the Witching Well, accepted TJ's gift for Snow, and told Nerissa "I hope I did some good here."

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