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    For those who do not understand the ending hear me out. Nerissa was covering for faith with the woodsman which is why she was glamoured like her in episode 1. When she returned to the club pudding and pie Faith (glamoured as Nerissa) had told Georgie everything. Georgie made an example out of them than killed Nerissa (he thought was Faith). Faith than continued to stay glamoured as Nerissa to hide her identity but she wanted revenge for Nerissa. Thus placing her head on bigby's stairs and triggering the entire game. Does it sound confusing well here are some proof that my theory is correct.

    1: the girls commonly use glamour to cover each others shifts.

    2: faith is a master of disguise as seen in her legend.

    3: "for THOSE who are saying it cant be faith because her head would turn back" FALSE, Lily only turned back because bigby broke the spell tube.

    4.The mirror in episode 1 couldn't find Faith saying "my lips are sealed" If she was dead why would it matter the ribbon was gone. This is because she is glamoured as Nerissa who is wearing a ribbon.

    ***also the ending events in this episode is enough too

    1.when Bufkin said "would hide her beauty so she could escape his kingdom." Meaning its the little mermaid glamoured as Faith, she had to glamour herself to escape from her father.

    2.When bigby says "Did Dr. Swineheart ever get back to you about Faith?"
    Snow says "He said he wanted to run more tests." The doctor was having trouble identifying the dead "Faith" meaning it was Nerissa glamoured as Faith.

    3.Faith's color txt is gray, at the end of the vid it says "I'll see you around...wolf" meaning shes still alive, she'll see him around. why else would the game end it with Faith's quote.

    SO it was Faith from the beginning and Faith is still alive at the end

    *this is the last time im posting this and last place too hopefully people will understand

    • faaaakin

      U nearly convinced me 0.O

      can't say u did tho xd

    • So maybe I'm miss understanding you, but If "Nerissa was covering for faith with the woodsman which is why she was glamoured like her in episode 1" and Nerissa is dead, how would Faith (Now Glamoured as Nerissa) know what Nerissa said to Bigby in Episode 1 when she was glamoured as Faith, seeing as she repeats the same lines the supposed Narissa did. I think you are on to something here but you arent exactly right.

    • @DKsaNn

      a lot of your points are facts but i don't see a real proof in most (if not all) of them...

      1. is a fact indeed but not a proof for Nerissa being Faith, could still be the other way around.
      2. is also a fact but not a proof.
      3. got a point here, but even tho these glamoures don't last forever (otherwhise fables wouldn't complain about them being expensive if they'd have to buy them just once). Besides:
      4. The mirror said the same about lilly when she was already dead so i don't accept that as "proof" either. Could still mean that the spell still applies to the person when they get killed by it.

      the next ones:

      1. i don't get your pint here (like AT ALL) tbh...
      2. Could also mean the Doctor is having trouble identifying the murder weapon / exact cause of dead etc
      3. why? because after Nerissa said it he remembered "Faith" saying it and that way realized that Faith actually was Nerissa glamoured as Faith (he never met Faith).

      That's why i'll stick with the "other way around"-theory.

      After Faith was killed Nerissa glamoured as her and met with Bigby in order to make sure he has a "personal" relationship to "Faith" so he would go after the whole thing when she places Faith's head in front of his home. At the end she says the same thing to him she told him as faith coz she'd hope he'll realize that he was actually talking to her in the beginning, not to faith. To me that makes more sense at all tbh. But i'm not trying to convince anybody to believe what i am saying! Some of the hints could simply be some sort of red herrings or they could've put hints into both directions into the game so ppl have room to interpret as they prefer it so prolly none of both theories is right.

      i think everybody should make their own opinion about it and chose the theory they prefer.
        1. ok yes it doesnt prove that faith is Nerissa but i was including that so it supports the rest
        2. this is a fact and the proof is in the game/comic when they said they use to glamour themselves to help each others' shifts
        3. Well glamours are not specifically explained in the comic or game. So im just going off what i've seen in the game where lilly was only revealed by bigby solving the tube.
        4. Um no thats wrong. The mirror never said anything about lilly. Bigby only asked the mirror about Faith.

        5. theres 2 sides of this reasoning. MINE: involves the Little mermaid. when Bufkin said "would hide her beauty so she could escape his kingdom." If you remember the Little mermaids' story shes always trying to leave the kingdom. In order to do that she has to glamour herself as Faith. The second side to this involves Faiths' story: to how in Faith's Fable, was her wearing donkey skin or some shit, basically disguising herself so she could escape Lawrence's Kingdom, and it's similarity to now, how Faith was supposed to be murdered, but she disguised herself as Nerissa, and after Bigby managed to bring the corrupt Crooked Man to justice, she could skip town as Nerissa, and essentially escape the the Crooked Man's kingdom of Criminality and debt. And no one would know... as the Fable goes.

        6. lol ok now you're just throwing any excuse at me now. Why else would they mention that at the end? B/c the doctor was having trouble identifying the body as a match. the way she died or weapon has nothing to do with if its faith or nerissa lol

        7. theres a reason why the author put diffrent color txt in the game. The way the ending was executed was leading towards faith.

        I mean yea theres a lot of different SPECIFIC details that can be opinions but the overall result is that FAITH is still alive. I just said the facts from the actual comic and game and discussing it with others. Yes at first i thought the ending was with nerissa but after doing some research i saw that it was actually faith.

        • ok about 2. i already got that but the question still is why the fact they're covering shifts is a "proof" for that theory.

          about 4. yes it does (depending on your choices) when talking to the woodsman!

          about 6. why would it be there? because as already stated in my first post it could be some sort of red herring. telltale love to use them u know. furthermore i didn't say the cause of death is relevant for who faith/nerissa is i only stated that not knowing how she exactly died (noone knew about the ribbons at that time) could've also been the reason for the investigation to be delayed. i didn't declare my thoughts as proof, i just delivered a plausible alternative to yours.

          yet again i don't want to convince you or anybody that my theory must be right. i was just figuring that some of your arguments you declare as "proof" are indeed facts but in my eyes not a proof for the theory itself if you get what i mean. but i'll say it again i'm not saying that my theory MUST be true nor do i want to convince anybody. but i also don't want to be convinced that any other theory is right coz i did some "researches" too and almost everything i found that is declared as a definite "proof" can still be pointed in the other direction...

          so ye i'll stick with what i said before everyone should make their own opinion. telltale love to put red herrings and stuff in their games to confuse people and make them reconsider their thoughts and doubt what they thought must've been the truth. to me there IS no "proof" that one or the other theory is 100% correct unless they gonna launch a second season and go deeper into this.

        • I've read all of the comics and one-offs (including some of Fairest and Jack), and I've never seen a tendency for Fables in the mundy world to relive their past stories or even have the same characteristics. In fact, the opposite often happens. Their origin story is simply that, and at most will play into their story within the Mundy world (but not guide it). I know that this was done by Telltale, but if your argument is that this explanation fits her backstory, it doesn't convince me at all. In fact, most of the story arcs in Fables have been about changes in the characters.

          I do admit, however, that you make a lot of good points. I'm not sure if it's conclusive, but it's very well thought-out and now I don't know what to think lol

        • he just backing you up but in the end it says 'last words you said to Narissa' as one of the different actions in the end so the last words you said to faith as Narissa.... just sayin'

      • With your mention of glamours, I just finished the most recent comic in the series and there haven't been any mentions of glamours "expiring." In fact, from reading the comics, I got the feeling that glamours were mostly permanent, if not very long-lasting. Bigby seems to be able to go a very long time being away from Fabletown and the witches of the 13th Floor.

        I know that doesn't help with the current debate, but it does suggest that the body might never turn back to the original person, even after death.

    • This is not without it's potholes because the MM says the same thing about Lily even after she is dead (you get the choice if you interrogate the woodsman I think).
      Furthermore even if Nerissa was covering for Faith and was glamoured as Faith, why would Faith be glamoured as Nerissa? And don't forget Faith was covering Lily's shift with the Woodsman. Lily, Faith and Nerissa were all friends. So if Faith was so busy that Nerissa had to glamour up like her to cover Lily's shift, couldn't Lily have just asked Nerissa straight off? Why would Nerissa have to glamour up like Faith to cover Lily's shift in the first place anyway? Specially since the Woodsman only knows Lily.
      And lastly assuming that bodies turn to their original state only after the glamour tube is opened is a faulty base. We do not know enough about the tubes from the games or from the comics. However if we are making assumptions one can also assume that glamour tubes have a range beyond which they stop working, which again means that had the head not been Faith's it would have changed back eventually.

    • Well,it does make sense in some way,but why would Nerissa (or Faith,as you think) say "You are not as bad as everyone say" in the end,meaning she is "Faith" who said that at the beggining of the game. By your theory,those were 2 different girls at the beggining of Episode 1 and ending of Episode 5 - so she wouldn't know that the other girl said that to Bigby.

      • The point is it was the same person , because they were covering shifts, and the woodsman wanted something from Faith , but she didn't know what exactly (thats why they were fighting (besides what else can you want from whores except for sex))(because Nerissa worked disguised as Faith as woodsman's client , and Nerissa had some business with him , and Faith didn't know about it ) , which means that those were the 2 same persons at the end and at the beginning.

    • Sorry pal,but there are something that doesn't work at the begining of your theory.
      The thing is that the person that was with woodsman in the begining(Faith or Nerissa)is the same person that was in the ending.The quote "You're not bad as eveyone say you are "proves it.It means tha Bigby never met Nerissa or never met Faith.But the rest of the theory is correct and ireally like it.

      • The point is it was the same person , because they were covering shifts, and the woodsman wanted something from Faith , but she didn't know what exactly (thats why they were fighting (besides what else can you want from whores except for sex))(because Nerissa worked disguised as Faith as woodsman's client , and Nerissa had some business with him , and Faith didn't know about it ) , which means that those were the 2 same persons at the end and at the beginning.

    • As much as I would agree with you and how well its backed up, theres a flaw. If Nerissa was "faith" at the time of death and faith was glamoured as Nerissa the whole game, dont you think she would have unglamoured at the end since the whole time she was just trying to get her life back? it makes no sense for her to stay in Nerissas form. Hear me out on my thought. I think that Faith was dead the beginning of the game. Georgie made Nerissa glamour herself to cover Faiths shift with the woodsman so that no one would find out about Faiths death essentially trying to cover his tracks. When Nerissa saw the way Bigby treated the scenario she felt that she trusted him with the case which led to her taking the real faiths head to his apartment. Georgie felt as if he couldnt trust Nerissa and Lilly with staying quite about what he did so he killed Lilly to make a statement to Nerissa about what her consequences would be. Just incase you would bring it up, the reason the doctor said he wanted to run more tests on Faiths body wasnt because she was glamoured, but because the death was by a magical ribbon. He couldnt identify that it was her, but instead couldnt identify the cause of death.

      • I think Faith stayed glamoured as Nerissa because she wanted to escape and leave everything behind her. Remember her story? "She would hide her beauty so she could escape his kingdom." -Bufkin. It's the same concept. Faith never actually heard Crooked Man give Georgie the order to kill Lily and Nerissa, she just gave her testimony at the trial to put him away/support Bigby. She also put Nerissa's head (glamoured as Faith) Bigby's doorstep in order for him to begin investigating. Also the fact that she lied at the trial made her testimony false and if anyone found out, then she would be in danger.

        Faith, Nerissa, Lily all seemed to have a history of covering for each other. Nerissa could have been covering for Faith when Georgie killed "Faith," explaining why the "Nerissa" at the Puddin' N' Pie was such a crappy dancer. Nerissa's job was to be a dancer, why would she be so bad at it? It wasn't Nerissa. It was Faith glamoured as Nerissa. Faith as a prostitute, would not be an expert in dancing. Add in the fact that she said the exact same thing to Bigby "You're not as bad as everyone says you are" that Faith said in Ep. 1, bringing the story full circle, it just has to be Faith!

    • The problem with your theory is that fairh was covering for Lily, not Nerissa. Bur let's humor the possibility that faith it's glamoured Nerissa.Wouldn't it have made more sense that Nerissa should had been glglamoured as Lily?

    • Thanks!!!! everything is so clear to me now!!!!! :3 now i can sleep at peace..

    • Hmm, your points are very promising, but there are still some unclear things. But the most important one is: In your theory, in the 1st Episode Bigby saved and talked to Nerissa (glamoured as Faith). So when they seperate, Nerissa says "You're not as bad, as they say you are." But how could than Faith (Glamoured as Nerissa) know what the real Nerissa sayed that day and repeat it word for word at the very ending of the 5th episode "You're not as bad as they say you are." ?

      In my opinion, the girl, Bigby mets at the beginning and the one he mets in the end, had to be be the same person! The big question is: Was it Faith, who was glamoured as Nerissa the whole time excapt in the beginning? Or! Was it Nerissa, being glamoured as Faith in the beginning and then tryed to revenge the real Faith, who was killed by Georgie?

      Given all the other Facts, that you summoned, I tend to go with the first. It's always been Faith! Just wanted to point out this little logical mistake you made. The rest is great work DKsaNn! XD

    • Thank you for this explanation. I finished TWAU yesterday and I thought Faith was always dead, and Bigby never even spoke with her, but with Nerissa. The argument you're making wasn't clear to me until your awesome post, now I get it. :)


    • I dont think that's true

    • I dont think nerissa was covering faith in the woodsman's apartment because we found the woodsman was lilly's client in the third episode and there is a note in the puddin & pie from lilly to faith that says:"Faith, thanks for covering for me tonight! Let's talk before you go to the apartment - Lily." Faith was covering lilly in the woodsman's apartment

      • I don't remember it ever specifically stating that the woodsman was Lilly's client, aside from that note which could have been about anyone. This might be because I don't remember or that I just never got to it because of the choices I made.

    • You forgot one thing, in episode one Woody told ''Faith'' " you don't remebmer me? And she actually did'nt, so that tells us that Nerrisa was glamoured as Faith, because if that was the real Faith she would have remembered Woody. Sorry if my grammar isn't exactly correct.

  • is the faith we meet at the very beginning the real faith? because she says the same line at the very end. does this mean they glamoured to look like each other a bit after?

  • Okay so I had to make an account to clear somethings up for you.

    Earlier along in the storyline there was a comment stating that Nerissa was covering for faith shift. It was for the client after the woodsmen if you look in the little book that Georgie had. When Nerrissa told Georgie about Faith and Lily you must notice that Georgie said he had to speak with the crooked man before his choice to take care of it was final, ie before the woodsman. Then came back later which can be assumed was after they had switched. Confused the two and killed Nerrisa (glamoured as faith). To get the crime noticed Faith(glamoured as nerrissa) placed the head on the doorstep, setting the whole game in motion.

    DKsaNn continues this point to be proven in the facts with the magic mirror. Which I had noticed was strange that he said "My lips are sealed". If you notice that if you look at the old king in the magic mirror, you can clearly see that he was dead. But if faith was dead wouldn't it just show her decapitated head rather than say "my lips are sealed"? The point of even adding the old king was to hint at the fact it can show the dead, but it wont show faith who was assumed to be dead. Proving to the point that she was never dead to begin with.

  • All people here have only posted the "Faith is Nerissa" theory, so I'm going to post the other one, for you to decide in which one to believe:

    1- Faith stole the photo of Crane and Lily. The Tweedles investigate and Nerissa tells Georgie to settle things down with The Crooked Man, but instead he orders Georgie to kill the prostitutes for treason.

    2-Faith arrived at the Pudding and Pie, and Georgie kills her in front of Nerissa. Nerissa glamours as Faith and goes to The Woodsman's Apartment to look for Lily or try to create a fight and call Bigby's attention.

    3-Bigby goes there and Nerissa makes sure he has a personal connection with Faith to motivate him to solve the case. After that, she plants Faith's head at The Woodlands, so Bigby knows she's dead and puts the ribbon in her mouth so Bigby knows exactly who she is and where she works (which would eventually lead Bigby to the Pudding and Pie).

    4-Although the Mirror never shows Faith's body, it's probably at the bottom of a river or lake, and it can't show the body because of the ribbon, which still has effect after a person dies, since the Mirror can't show Lily even after she was decapitated.

    5-At the end, Nerissa says "You're not as bad as everyone says you are, so that Bigby knows it was also her at the beginning.

  • I don't think we ever met the real Nerissa.

    I think we met Faith in the beginning, and when she returned to work all covered in bruises, her friend Nerissa offered to cover her next shift. They glamoured as one another without letting anyone else know - I imagine they had done favors like this for each in the past without telling Georgie (he probably would have said it was wasteful and/or that Faith was being a baby, IDK. I imagine he was more compassionate back when he and Vivian first decided to open the P&P but dealing with the Crooked Man over the years hardened pretty much all of his empathy). Nerissa then goes to Faith's next appointment and Faith does whatever less-strenuous shift Nerissa had for the night (I'm guessing she either had the rest of the night off or was scheduled for dancing, which meant Faith wouldn't need to leave the P&P. Could also explain why Georgie was so mad about "Nerissa's" dancing being crappy later in the story).

    I think it was only a few hours after this that Faith (still glamoured as Nerissa) was approached by Georgie and told that "plans had changed", and she learned that he was going to murder Faith. Faith then saw Nerissa (still glamoured) enter the P&P. She would have been in too much shock over learning of Nerissa's betrayal at exposing the photograph plot to even try to stop Georgie from pulling Nerissa's ribbon off - killing the wrong Faith.

    As for the bruises, either Faith used makeup to create them on Nerissa's decapitated head, or if bruises are carried over despite glamours (like Lily's track marks) and all she had to do was wipe off Nerissa's makeup covering the bruises before leaving her head on the Woodlands doorstep.

    Just my opinion, though. I don't claim for one second that any of this is fact.

  • Here is one more Faith is Nerissa theory based on gathered facts, and a few theories.

    Faith had a shift the same day Lily did. Since Faith had to cover for Lily someone had to cover for Faith... Nerissa, and Nerissa rarely gets clients it makes an offer of glamouring up as the other irresistible. We know Nerissa rarely gets clients and the only ones she gets are fables who know her story based on her Book of Fables entry. Faith could have easily been frustrated with the timeline and could have threatened to tell Georgie that if she doesn't cover for her she'll tell Georgie that she ain't bringing money in, the bottom right photo at foundry. Faith goes to Woody, than Lily goes to room 207, and Nerissa goes to room 204.

    We talk to Faith who wants to lead us to the photo she stole of Crane and Lily, and get rid of the Crooked Man's criminal empire. Faith wants to cement her trust in Bigby by seeing if he somehow remembers her. When she is convinced or she reminds Bigby she says she will see him at his apartment. She's driven to get Bigby's help, and uses her knowledge and memory to her advantage.

    Faith goes to where Nerissa went, Nerissa tells that they should try to leave later because she told Georgie which makes Faith rush to the Butcher Shop with Nerissa and orders her to get 2 glamours tubes. Faith found out how to make them work by reading books on magic to find out more about bricklebit which makes her find out that her father saw Bigby's father who worked with Santa hence the words of Bufkin.

    Faith returns quickly to see what will happen. Nerissa dies as Faith is shocked at what Georgie said, Nerissa sacrifices herself knowing Faith told her the truth. Faith ends up going to where Lily was supposed to be without any luck, because Lily was at Central Park. Faith goes to the foundry and finds a photo of Lily so she takes it before going back to where Lily was supposed to be and leaving 3 pictures in an envelope where only Bigby would find when he investigates.

    The rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

  • I have to say I think it's more plausible that Faith is still alive at the end like DKsaNn says, not only for the reasons people are giving, but because of two big clues at the end.
    1) At the end you hear the line of dialogue about how Faith was a master of disguise. Why would they remind us of this fact if not to infer that Faith would be the one in disguise, just like her fable? But the one thing that no one seems to mention is possibly more important which is...
    2) When Bigby meets 'Nerissa' for the first time, she says 'Let me guess, you're trying to place me' and he responds, 'yea, have we met?' Those lines are even included in the rush of flashback dialogue. They HAD in fact met before, because Nerissa is actually Faith in disguise. You could argue that they maybe just met in the old days, but then why would those particular lines be important enough to include at the very end?

    Lastly, I think that the argument that Nerissa disguised herself as Faith in the beginning to create a personal involvement with Bigby so he would solve the case is just silly. He's the SHERIFF. And this was one of the first murders in FOREVER. He'd be a pretty terrible damn sheriff if he needed a personal connection to take the case of the decapitated head left on his front porch.

    Obviously everyone has there own opinions, but that's mine and I just thought I'd share.

    • 1) Telltale has a history of playing with gamers' heads. At first hearing the dialogue at the end does imply that Faith is alive and Nerissa is dead. But when you analyze it, again, it can go either way.
      2) About Bigby telling Nerissa he think they've met, you get the chance to do the same to Faith. Bigby can tell her he thinks he's met here before and Faith says they all sort of knew each other at one time or another.
      In short both theories have their loopholes. The only way to know for sure is to see if Telltale makes a season 2 and lays it out in front of us. And I'm not certain that even if they make a season 2 they are going to clear this up. Because at times some stories (like fairy tales) are better off with a bit of mystery at the end.

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