The End: A Discussion about where we are

Okay first off remember: The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to Fables. A lot of the opinions on who Nerissa is are extremely biased and are completely ignorant to the graphic novels.

When Bigby has his moment of flashing back to the multiple discussions with Nerissa and Faith you are left with the option to chase her or stay there. This is probably the only hint towards a "Season 2" albeit a strong one, however this leaves a strong open endedness to what we are left with. If you are familiar with the graphic novels then realize there are far higher villains in the series than The Crooked Man. Keep in mind he was a villain by "mundies" standard, not philosophical. "The Adversary" is the primary antagonist in the Fables series. There is a complete list of possible options as to who Nerissa is because she isn't in a single issue of the Fables graphic novel. This leaves there to be not only the possibility of her being Faith but any entity in the Fables universe that overlooks the Fables as a higher power. Hell, even someone who just wants to put Bigby in the right direction so to speak albeit Bigby is NOT the main character in the Fables series but he is a major protagonist.

Point being, you should not be left disappointed if your assumption that Nerissa is Faith may be wrong. There's a hefty open-ended option for what happens next in the prequel Fables universe so brace yourself for what happens.


  • I would say that Bigby pretty well is the main character in the Fables series, second only to Snow if anyone. They're in essentially an equal number of issues, and he is essentially the hero of Fabletown. That said, plenty of other people get time to shine, but I doubt any other character comes close to the amount of coverage those 2 get, despite each being in only about 60% of the issues. But that's quite a chunk for such a large ensemble cast.

    Heck, people could even ship Bigby and Nerissa if they wanted - Bigby is known to get side action elsewhere when thing's aren't going anywhere with Snow.

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    I really like OP's post. Loved the game and I would love an unrelated sequel continuing Bigby's journey and focusing on some of the main characters from Wolf Among Us (Snow White, Woody, etc.) still. Really need to check out the comics, there are so many issues.

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