• I assumed the picture was the one Bigby found in the Open Arms. Primo blackmail material against Crane.

    Crane was an incompetent sleazeball, but still pretty important to Crooked Man's operation - he was their man inside the government, he siphoned off funds from Fabletown to send to CM, and could handwave anything about the CM that popped up on the office's radar. If the girls publicised the photo, Crane probably would have been kicked out of office - and at the very least, it would put him under the kind of close scrutiny from Snow and Old King Cole that would make him useless as their inside man. If Crane was under enough pressure, he might even let slip his connection with CM. Reckon that poses enough of a threat to CM for him to retaliate, especially given that Crooked Man has a thing for control.

  • 1) Crane took it himself you look at the picture and yes

    2) If the photo ever surfaced publicly than that's a leg kicked off of CM's table so to speak (i.e. his operation would shatter because his person of public power would no longer be in control, i.e. look into any public official blackmail scandal ever, i.e. Watch Dogs plot, lol)

    • God, how could Crane be such an idiot to think that taking that picture was EVER a smart thing to do? To me, that boggles the mind that he could be so ignorant of the possible repercussions.

  • Bad writing. Doesn't take many braincells to realize the 4 month delay + the story rewrite was going to create so many details that make no sense.

  • It's simple: "Discretion is our guarantee." Georgie can't let customers know he can't keep that promise. His problems are CM's problems because that's a revenue stream. And CM demands loyalty from all employees.

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