• I think she didnt trust him to keep his glamour up so its easier to send him and TJ away.

  • I was a little disappointed to. Toad left thinking I was rude/mean or whatever. Its scenes like this that really hold Telltale back IMO. There wasn't any free choice here- Toad was leaving regardless. It made me feel worse when he asked about Collin and the only responses were ones that implied that I am being hypocritical.

    I also gave Toad money and I don't understand why he couldn't stay. The only small satisfaction I got was making the kid (tj?) happy at least.

    • Its for Canon reason. Toads at the farm in the comics

      • Oh ok. Still, if thats the case they shouldn't have made it seem like Bigby is the bad guy. Did anyone play through when Toad left and was happy with you? I mean I gave him money, if he misspent it than thats his fault.

        • I think Toad understood that it wasnt Bgby's fault. He's just prickly. Colin was surprisingly understanding. Even TJ forgave Snow. It's just how it had to be. Toad still didnt have his glamour so I think he just wasnt going to do it, money or not.

  • I was happy when I saw they were going Toad was by far my least favourite character in the whole game. He just complains all the time yet is constantly ringing for help.

  • There are several ways you find out who Toad really is. An egoistic grumpy lying toad. The best one is to tell Toad and TJ to remain at the Woodlands till the sun sets.

  • I didn't feel sorry for Toad, although he is one of my favorite characters. In the end it was Toad's own fault, as I had Bigby give him the cash to get a glamour. Obviously Toad foolishly decided to spend that cash on something else. I did feel sorry for Toad Jr., though. He is suffering because of his father's actions. I also was a little irritated that Toad attempted to call Bigby a hypocrite for Colin not being shipped off to the farm, when Bigby tried to keep both of them away from it. Toad squandered his chance.

    If there is ever a sequel (Telltale pls!) hopefully The Farm will be among the places the player visits.

  • It's in keeping with the character from Wind in The Willows. Toad's obnoxious, self centred and impulsive, constantly reliant on other, more level heads to help him out of the problems he creates for himself.

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