Episode 5, predictions, questions, etc.

Ok. Just played the season finale of twau. Wow. So i have a lot to talk about. Mainly, Crane. Where was crane the whole episode? Is he dead or what? Had him in my mind the whole episode. God knows where hes at.

Another thing to talk about, Dee. He moved a little when bigby went through the portal thing. Dead or alive i have him in my head too.

Last, faith and nerissa. A lot of people think faith was glamoured as nerissa. I didnt realize that until people said that. I didnt go after her. What was done was done.

And also, season2? We'll see what we get

Post what u think!


  • Crane took to Paris and was instructed to lay low untill the crooked man called for him.

    as for season 2... we need a waiting thread for that

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    I'm overthinking all this thing already :) My mind is obsessed with finding the truth about the ending, and while I want to believe that Nerissa is alive, while Faith is dead, it makes more sense vice versa, which makes me really sad :( By the way, Crane's destiny is told in the comics, I believe. I also think Dee dies, except if you haven't killed his brother. Then he supposedly helps him, but if you killed his brother in ep. 3, Dee will probably die. I want to hear anything about Season 2, which should be released in the future, but Telltale remains silent for now.

  • I think it was Nerissa glamoured as Faith actually.

  • Why ?

    Duhex posted: »

    I think it was Nerissa glamoured as Faith actually.

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