Did she use a second black market spell?

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At the end of the fifth episode we know that Nerissa either got a black market glamour to make herself look like Faith or Faith got a black market glamour to make herself look like Nerissa in order to manipulate Bigby.

Now, with all the talk about how Bigby should have known Lily wasn't Snow White because he knows her scent so well, I'm wondering if she got a second black market spell to make Faith's head have Snow's natural scent (and possibly even mask the original Snow's scent from Bigby to throw him off the trail)? We know that she dumped the first head at the Woodlands, so she obviously dumped the second as well. She was doing this to motivate Bigby to investigate, and what better way to get him to investigate than to have Bigby convinced that Snow is dead. If she convinced someone like Greenleaf to give her a glamour to bring down the crooked man for murdering Faith and Lily, it certainly would make sense that she'd be able to get another spell to help convince Bigby further.


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    That could be very possible. Detective Jennifer is on the case!

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    You caught this fast. o_O I accidentally posted this without a spoiler tag, and then spoiler tagged it as soon as it was posted when I realized.

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    And you posted that spoiler tag so fast that I thought it was there the first time. So I changed my comment. :<

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    Heh. We're both just too darn fast. ;)

  • It's certainly a possibility, but it still contradicts what Bigby says in the comics. Besides knowing her every move all the time, he also knows in what kind of mood she is, and that goes even further by knowing if she had a good dream or a bad dream. Even if the spell somehow masked Snow's scent from him, I still think he would've noticed that something is wrong.

    I'm just going to assume that Telltale sort of "nerfed" Bigby's nose for plot purposes, and that's understandable.

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    It depends on when she put the spell in motion. If she did it right before the Mundy cops showed up, then Bigby wouldn't know anything was wrong until then. If at that point Snow all of a sudden smelled dead, that would put a whole meaning to the way Bigby was reacting when he was coming up to the Woodlands at the end of episode 1.

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