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What do you think of The Wolf Among Us as a game

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Dont get me wrong, i really liked the story and all and maybe i'm not used to telltale games' games, but as a game, i was a bit dissapointed of twau. I mean it's all about decisions and stuff, but why do my decision have such little to no impact? Oh yeah, you can rip of Grens arm or decide wether to kill dum or not and you get some different answers but overall, you always get what you want or need. You can not fail. That's what bothered me a little. And what about those quicktime events? They doesnt matter because either way you maybe get punched or not, but it's irrelevant or if you dont smash the button - say when the woodsman grapples you - nothing happens. The game just wont go on as long as you dont push it enough times, but you actually cannot fail.
I think it's just a lame attempt to get the "player" somehow involved but actually, the wolf among us could also better be an animated series of the comicbooks rather than a game, which it isnt in my opinion. And i wouldnt have a problem with that. So why does telltale give us the illusion of decision or that we could do anything, when there is nothing we can decide or do? I know, it would be much more complex if you had like two or three REAL different endings depending on the decisions you've made but i think the effort would be worth it. Or doesnt that bother anyone else?

edit: sorry about my englisch, i'm no native speaker but i hope i made my myself clear.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed The Wolf Among Us. I thought it was superbly written, with interesting characters, a great visual style and setting and the voice acting was superb. Only downside for me is the length of the episodes.

    I would love for there to be a second season of this game. There are so many posibilities for this universe.

  • Pros: Story, Characters, Graphics, Atmosphere, Action Sequences.
    Cons: Episode Lengths, Smoke and Mirrors( Just Smoke and Mirrors)

  • I don't even know what to say right now. I've never looked at it from this perspective and you have a good point.
    And yeah I hope that the next 2 upcoming games will NOT follow the same pattern, same user interface, same kind of gameplay because that would get quite repetitive.

    Still it was a great game nonetheless. There are not many games like that around and it's definitely a breath of fresh air, so good job on TTG part :)

  • You CAN lose but it's very very very hard to lose if your actually trying. I got only 1 game over because I couldn't mash A fast enough during the 1st fight in episode 5. :<

  • I don't care about the easiness of the game. They are supposed to be easy games that you can't fail. What I do care about is making choices matter, which they currently don't for both TWAU and TWD. Sure, small choices differ but the game and end result is always the same. I think if Telltale can master this by giving each player a unique experience with different story lines than I will be extremely happy. Unfortunately, they seem content to just continue being lazy and making one repetitive story line imo.

    • Maybe i've explained it a bit poorly, but that's what i meant. With fail, i dont necessarily mean something like a gameover, but fail in your actual task or something. Like when you go to tweedledee and dums office and treat flycatcher like shit, maybe he doesnt tell you that there's this secret room. But he always tells you, no matter what you do (as far as i remember. but it's only an example).
      It would be great if you can decide how you wanna play but then live with the consequences and that then some tasks are more diffucult to achieve or only through other subplots. I wouldnt go as far to say that TTG is lazy, they made a good product anyway. But again, the decisions are only for the statistics (you and X % other players choose to do Y) and have no real impact and nearly all quicktime events are unnecessary because you dont suffer any consequences (like a suspects gets away if he hits you to often or something).

      ** Minor Spoiler**:
      I really had to laugh at the last chasing scene, where you can either jump on the crooked mans or on georgies car. the following scene is nearly identical no matter how you choose and you always end up in front of the pudding and pie. Why then is there this choice?

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