• Faith is alive. The Wolf Among Us' main secondary character was Faith from the beginning.

  • I agree with your theory, but i'm still confused about the beginning... was it nerissa's head glamoured as faith's head? If it was really faith in the beginning and she was glamoured after she left woody's then why does the fake Faith's head have bruises too? I'm confused :\

  • Any line that Bigby remembers at the end doesn't have to be in there for the specific reason of indicating the correct answer. It is there to indicate the possible answers that are in Bigby's head at the time, because Bigby hasn't figured it out, yet.

    Bigby is a great detective, but he doesn't solve things automatically (particularly not in the game...).

    • A very good point, however I feel that Telltale used the flashback from a story-teller's standpoint, imploring the player to be the detective from the "facts" so to speak, that they present, especially since you are given a choice immediately after learning this information

  • It would be cool if Faith were alive, but it can't be true. The special statistics at the end of the game confirms that Faith is "Deceased". Also, Nerissa's confession to Bigby at the end revealed how she already guided the investigation along. Nerissa's "You're not as bad as everyone says you are was just her own clever way of implying, "Oh, and by the way, the Faith you met was actually me". Bigby being able to confront her would be due to anger in how she greatly manipulated his feelings and is now just calmly walking away.

    • I considered that as well, but don't forget in Act 1 Bufkin and Snow declare Fatih "Deceased" despite the proper evidence to fully conclude that the body is indeed Faith, so I feel that Telltale wouldn't change her status to "Alive" as they want things to be as abstract as possible

      • I thought the same thing about the "Deceased" stamp at the end, during the stats. The book that Bufkin brings out is stamped with that and as far as everyone in Fabletown is concerned, Faith is dead. So, it's just following what is believed in Fabletown. It would take some of the impact of the Faith revelation away if Telltale wrote "Alive" under Faith's picture. We're supposed to debate over and wrestle with it. I, too, believe Faith is alive. The whole "leaves the kingdom in disguise" seals the deal for me. Even if we're just hearing Bigby's own subjective, possibly inaccurate conclusions, why would Telltale choose the story of Donkeyskin if not to tie it in at the end? It just fits too perfectly. The Little Mermaid's story is not like what we see in the end, but Donkeyskin's is identical. That's not coincidence. My main questions are how and when. How did she pull of the glamoured head without anyone knowing (Dr. Swineheart must be in on it) and when did she glamour herself as Nerissa?

        • Very well said! Im obviously biased because your comment supports my point haha, but in all honesty I don't see why it would be set up so similarly to the story of Donkeyskin if it wasn't meant to be interpreted that way.
          Also on the topic of glamouring Nerissa and Faith, we know that Faith was covering Lily's shift (which she had to give up because of her appointment with Crane) so perhaps some sort of shift switching between Nerissa and Faith could be the cause.

    • It does? Wow. Then we actually did Meet Faith!

    • the only reason I might disagree with your theory is because in TWD season 1 ending stats it lead us to believe Kenny as deceased... and in S2E2 ta freakin da there he is. the major difference and possibly confirming your point is that in TWD it never stated that he was deceased, but in that series the stats didn't label the characters alive or dead -- they stated only the events that happened (kenny's said "was lost to the herd" on my play through).

      I guess in so many words my point is that I wouldn't put it past Telltale to label Faith dead when she actually is not in order to deceive the player for dramatic effect.

  • I am currently replaying the game and found something particularly interesting in Episode 2. When leaving Georgie to phone in his complaint at the Pudding and Pie, Bibgy goes to the dressing rooms where "Nerissa" is. Whilst inspecting the cubbyholes, Faith's belongings are scattered on the floor (her makeup, lipstick etc) with the lock broken from where they were meant to be found. Where I see fault in the theory that Faith is Nerissa, is that if Faith really was Nerissa disguised, she wouldn't have to smash open the boxes, unless Nerissa glamoured as Faith and busted her way into her belongings. To be honest, this has only confused me even more, because when reading your theory, I was rather convinced but this 'loophole' (if it could be called that) has just made it even worse for me to stick with one theory.

    Also, if going on the basis that Nerissa was Faith, then I believe there is an explanation for her behaviour in the trial. Due to the spell, she couldn't talk openly about the investigation, but with it broken, the somewhat "real" Nerissa comes out and has free will again to make her own choices and decisions. That's how I see it.

    Still though, it's confusing!

    • Very interesting, I hadn't noticed that before. Also I appreciate your opinion on my theory.
      Perhaps the broken lock was caused by Georgie (or whoever else that was involved) searching for the picture Faith stole? It would definitely be a place they'd ransack while she was gone.

  • Wow, I was adamant that the person at the end was Nerissa and she just glamoured herself as Faith in episode 1 to help Bigby with the case or something like that. But reading this, I think you're right. Season 2 confirmed then? xD

    • Thank you very much! I previously thought it was Nerissa as well! Now, I really feel that Telltale would try to dig for a deeper meaning by having Faith as the survivor.

  • OH MY GOD. You sir are amazing. Make love to me! jk don't. seriously.

    I just started replaying some episodes, and came across a quote from Bigby to Colin in Act 1, "It is better to be feared than loved, you know who said that?"
    Colin cuts Bigby off before he could reveal the source of the quote,
    I thought this sounded familiar and it was a quote from Niccolo Machiavelli, a famous philosopher I studied. Bigby wouldn't ask "who said that?" if Telltale didn't want people to find out who said it, which is interesting because Machiavelli notoriously advised FAKING ONE'S DEATH to fool their enemes! This might only shock me because I learnt about the guy, but I think its a huge hint from the writers!

    • Wow, I wish I was that observant in these sort of games. I was completely mind fucked on the Faith/Nerissa thing.

    • Interesting that you said you studied Niccolo Machiavelli when you're not even aware of the fact that he's infamous for something he never did. It is a common misconception that he faked his own death but there is absolutely no proof that he did. He did however write a book which addresed the topic of how it was a great way to fool your enemies.

      I think you probably discovered Machiavelli through the 2pac conspiracy theories. Him renaming himself to Makiaveli is just a referance to the fact that he read some of his books in prison, not a historical reenactment of something that never happened.

      • I had studied Machiavelli in Law and Philosophy courses back in high school, and briefly in University. I had heard about his supposed fake death outside of school, a "fake death" which is generally inconclusive yet he still is associated with, nevertheless my point still holds value as Machiavelli advised doing whatever possible to fool one's enemies and is heavily theorized as a person who faked his death. Tupac's involvement in this means nothing to me.

      • He said that he advised not that he did

    • Colin confirmed as Machiavelli in pig glamour.

  • Sorry Romano7, but these “evidences” are not new or even so conclusive as you believe they are.

    About the second point you raised (the personality), considering that your hypothesis that Nerissa was dead from the beginning, we do not know how her personality was. On the other hand, the same is true about Faith if we consider that she was the one that was dead. What most of us agree is that one was already dead from the beginning and this means that we only know one of the characters (that was, in fact, acting as to different people). We cannot really say how these different people truly are and, therefore, we cannot contrast them.

    You are mostly trying to lead the evidences instead of been guided by them. In aonther example, when you say that “the butcher's shop in Act 4 has a chalkboard which shows that Faith, Lily AND the real Nerissa purchased glamours, so this would support the idea of the real Nerissa being killed in Faith's place”, you ignore that the fact that Nerissa and Faith both have glamours means that both can play this hide and seek game (not just one of them).

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      FayeKane BANNED

      Right on, TMLC! It's weird, crazy theories like this that end up as "the moon landings were fake" and "no jet hit the WTC, it was a hologram". This wild, unnecessary complexity in explanations is like a plague in this country. If there's a simple, obvious answer, then the answer is almost certainly simple and obvious.

      • This seems pretty legit to me m8. Specially that Machiavelli thing a few people brought up makes it pretty likely that's the direction the writers wanted to head us in.

  • at first i tought Nerissa was glamoured as Faith in Ep.1 , but if you ask Magic Mirror for Faith in Ep.1 it can't tell you where Faith is, so does that means Faiths ribbon still works ?
    Which would mean that Faith is still alive ?

    • The Magic Mirror is actually what convinced me since the beginning that Faith was still alive. If she were dead, I believe Bigby would have been shown her head or body, not have been confronted with "these lips are sealed".

      I really need to play this game again from the beginning and try to look for more clues!

      • The Magic Mirror isn't really an indicator here, since if you ask about Lily after she's dead it still replies "these lips are sealed".

        The clue that puzzles me most are the bruises on the head we find at the Woodlands. If the woman at the start and the woman at the end are the same person, which it seems like they are, then how is it that the first victim's head has bruises? It seems that the glamour of the first victim (if the head was glamoured) must have been put on after Faith received bruises but either before the first victim was killed, or after to convince Bigby that the two Faith's he sees are the same.

        If the woman at the start was Nerissa, then she would have to be wearing the glamour of an already beaten Faith, since Nerissa's bruises wouldn't be transferrable to Faith's head. This works, but only really if you think the first scene happens before Faith is killed and that Nerissa would go to a job already bruised (and you need to have a reason for leaving the Donkeyskin coat there). I don't find it as elegant as a Faith-survives solution.

        • Edit: I stand corrected. I didn't know you get a different choice if you interrogate the Woodsman.

          The Magic Mirror isn't really an indicator here, since if you ask about Lily after she's dead it still replies "these lips are sealed".

          Nope. You don't ask the Mirror for "Lily", you can only ask "Who's the victim?".


          The mirror will reply saying that he needs you to be more specific The mirror never mentions "these lips are sealed" when it comes to Lily.


          • Tsk. You only get it if you interrogate the Woodsman.
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            • Which happens before you find Liliy's body.

              • Yeah, but she's already dead. TJ just gave evidence, Bigby saw the head, and the body's over in the next room. So as a test for the ribbon spell, it works.

                • But the spell was created to keep people silent. It wouldn't have a purpose if the ribbon was removed. Also the fact that in order for everyone to be free and speak Vivian had to remove her ribbon. Also wasn't "Nerissa" afraid to have her ribbon removed even after Vivian removed hers? Georgie said they would be "free" if Vivian removed hers. What did he mean by free? Free to speak or free to not worry about someone being killed if the ribbon were removed. Maybe we haven't been looking at this the right way. Maybe the ribbon has nothing to do with sealing lips.

                  It wasn't the ribbon keeping the mirror off of their trail, it was the glamour!

                  • Ok, I think that's a valid interpretation. I personally think it's a stronger interpretation that the ribbons are involved with the Mirror, since the Mirror says "these lips are sealed". --However! Either way, especially if the Mirror doesn't tell us anything about ribbons, it's still not a good a good indicator for whether Faith was alive, since it couldn't give information about magically protected dead people.

                    Nerissa implies that the ribbon seals speech in several places, and Georgie says that they do when he's explaining about Vivian. But yes, the women with ribbons could still be in danger of losing their heads.

                    • My point wasn't rather Faith was alive, my point is that there is no solid conclusion and we're being duped into thinking it's either Nerissa or Faith. There's a reason why none of us have come to a conclusion to who it was because Telltale wrote it so it could be who chose it to be! There's not enough evidence to prove ethier right or wrong because it's our choice who it is!

                      Essentially, we're all debating over nothing. Hahahaha!

                  • I think even if the user was dead the ribbion would still hide the person. The crookedman would not want someone to find a corpse of anyone he killed. The ribbion was used to make sure nobody could talk, So it's possible he also used it to hide the person dead or alive from the mirror.

                  • You might be on to something. It means whoever isn't in glamour should be able to be shown.

                    Lily - dead body was still in glamour so we get "lips are sealed". Fine...

                    Faith - We also get "lips are sealed". But we already found her head. If that head was really hers and not in glamour, then it should be okay to reveal her location. So the head is really Nerissa's?

                    • No, I dont think it has to do with glamour but with the ribbons. I think that after Vivian died, the spell was broken and Bigby should be able to see who is alive just by asking the mirror. Unfortunately, I dont think there is enough information to be a 100% sure of who survived.

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