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TWAU character elimination game.

posted by dojo32161 Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users

So after the release of episode 3 I created this game based off Tinycarlos' TWD character elimination game, and I promised that I'd create this after the release of episode 5.

Character list (In order of introduction) (by introduction I mean they have to speak first, unless they are just mentioned, show up dead or have no lines)




-The Woodsman (Woody)








-King Cole (Mentioned)




-Badger (Mentioned)

-Posey (Mentioned)

-Dan (Mentioned)

-Red Ridding Hood (Mentioned)

-Cinderella (Mentioned)

-Prince Lawrence

-The Old King

-Tweedle Dee


-Kelsey Brannigan



-Rose Red (Mentioned)







-Dr. Swineheart

-Weyland Smith (Mentioned)

-Pinocchio (Mentioned)

-Boy Blue (Mentioned)



-Aunty Greenleaf

-Prince Charming

-Bloody Mary


-Dickory Dock (Mentioned)

-Jersey Devil

-Blacksmith (Mentioned)

-Briar Rose (Mentioned)

-Tiny Tim

-The Crooked Man

Eliminated (In order of elimination):

-Radio Weather Guy

-Tweedle Dum

-Ichabod Crane


  • You may vote once per round.
  • Your votes reset each round.
  • If I am unavailable, anyone can introduce a new round.
  • Once we get to the top five, it takes ten votes to eliminate someone.
  • Please do not insult anyone, thank you.
  • If I have missed any other characters, speaking or just mentioned, let me know.
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