• He still tried to kill bigby so either way he's not innocent

  • Well, you know, he enslaved people and kept them in debt so they couldn't leave.

  • well you could say he wasn't guilty of the murders technically. he did still resist arrest, he tampered with an official fabletown investigation, he held a gun to the sheriff, He tried to run from being arrested several times, he was making black market glamours and i'm sure plenty of other illegal activites

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      Talimancer BANNED

      And conspiracy to murder plus joint enterprise.

      • Plus his 'associates' those who work under him attacked Bigby and nearly killed him multiple times and Georgie murdered under The Crooked Man, whether or not The Crooked Man did actually tell Georgie to kill the girls, The Crooked Man is still somewhat responsible for the acts of his employees.

        • Should Snow White answer for the actions of Bigby? Depending on how you play him, he uses excessive force on Gren, beats Dee/Woody during an interrogation, kills Dum. Crooked Man is probably not as innocent as he claims but like a lot of businesses, the people below you have agency to work in ways for your interest (not every procedure and action is explicitly stated). Sorry regardless of what he represents, you have the burden of proof and rarely is the testimony of one person enough to convict this man of some of the crimes he was accused. The people acted irrationally and that's not the Fabletown Snow and Bigby were trying to promote.

  • Plot Twist: leatherwolf89 IS the Crooked Man!

    You may of pecked this out on your keyboard, but you're still staying as a raven.

  • I can't help but read this thread in the Crooked Man's voice.

  • He had Mary try to kill Bigby and how is him ordering Georgie to kill two people not guilty?

  • leatherwolf89 i just realised that the CM manipulated you and now your in his pocket :DDD

  • I think you totally misunderstood what Georgie's and Vivian's plans were for their business. I think Telltale should of been more clear on the Vivian/Georgie and Crooked Man situation. It was similar to Johan's story that the Crooked Man and his people basically showed up to The Cut Above and took it over to operate their illegal glamour ring.

    The back story to Georgie and Vivian is that they escaped the homelands together surviving and struggled to adjust to their new home just like the rest of the fables. I think Georgie was one of the only few people Vivian could trust with her curse which is why she protects him so much. She talks about how she was tired of being controlled which means she was probably used back at the homelands or maybe it's more like her fable where her husband constantly questioned her ribbon.

    So they decided to open up a strip club for income and used the whole "discretion is our guarantee" gimmick to attract customers, be interesting as a business, and maybe to poke fun at Vivian's curse. And when the Crooked Man showed up he basically made it an option to give up there business and work for him or have their blood end up on Mary's mirror shards. So he was the one who forced Vivian to make duplicates of her ribbon and he then put it on the unknowing strippers. Then he turned the strip club into strip club/whore house and forced the girls to work by telling/revealing to them what the ribbons did. Sure she made them, but she didn't do this willingly. What would her motive be by doing that? Just because she wanted to own a strip club where the strippers don't talk about the work?

    • Oh I see... The Crooked Man really is evil then. Georgie and Vivian should've at least tried to get help or tried to stop him.

      • I thought about that too, they were probably too scared. Then again it's kind of like being held up at gun point. Since Bloody Mary's bs teleporting powers let her go practically anywhere at once she probably had her eyes on all of Crooked Man's "business partners".

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    In the legal sense he isn't guilty, but in another legal sense he is guilty. On the one hand there was no proof, but on the other he was found guilty in a court of law with no room for appeal.

  • If you like the Crooked Man and Crane then you f**king deserve them, as Bigby would say

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