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HELP NEEDED : Wolf among us Steam Broken

posted by mamaturtle on - last edited - Viewed by 661 users

I own the WAU on steam and decided to start playing it. I had bought the game on the summer sale this year and last night the game worked but when i went to play today black screen no video, just sound i waited 10 mins and nothing but sound. I uninstalled the game , reinstalled it verrifyed its cache restarted my pc. I own the WD seasons 1 and 2 and never have had this issue please help i would love to play this game!

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please try switching the game to Windowed Mode using the Windows shortcut (Alt+Enter) and see if you are then able to see the game. If you can, please try changing the game's resolution, and graphics settings to a lower setting, and then try switching back to Full Screen Mode to see if you are able to play in that mode successfully.

    • Thanks for the help i did what you said and am able to see my game now, unfortunately no mater if i turn down all the settings it only shows up in windowed mode. :/

  • i figured it out thanks for the help TelltaleMike!!

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