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Dialgolue options you wish you had

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I saw someone make this for The Walking Dead, so why not The Wolf Among Us?
So what were things you wish you could have said?

  • End of episode 5: kiss Nerissa

  • Some better comebacks to Bloody Mary would be cool, since now it just looked a bit sad how BM just taunted you to the left and right while you growled and tried to hit her.

    • Smug, chaotic evil villains like her always get the verbal upper hand against the hero. It makes the struggle with her seem more frustrating and difficult. Besides. She can bark all she wants. In the end, Bigby was the one with the bite.

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      • HA! I get that cuz..... you know.... Bigby bit her to kill her.

      • I... wouldn't quite say that she had the verbal upper hand. Her jokes and taunts were too stupid and lame for me to take them seriously. It felt more like she was trying too hard, and failing, to sound intimidating, and it just made her look clumsy and pretentious. A dialogue option to call her on that would have been cool, though I don't know if my Bigby would even bother.

        • "The Big Bad Wolf. chuckles"

          Damn, you really slammed him there, Mary. He can't argue with that.

        • What about when she made fun of Bigby's mother. You didn't get anything from that?

          • That line, I will grant, was pretty good.

          • When does she say something about his mother? I never heard that at all.

            • If you don't choose the option to hit her, she says something like "Didn't your mother ever teach you manners? Or was she too busy fucking any breeze that swept through town?"

              • Ok, first off, why wouldn't you punch her? And second, if you didn't punch her then why the hell is she complaining about your lack of manners?

                The fucking any breeze part is pretty clever, albeit inadvertently. Bigby hugely resents his father's whimsicality and lack of dependability, and someone trying to attribute the same to his mother, whom he admired, after the way she was treated might genuinely make him angry. The "Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?" completely negates all that, though. It's just too much of a cheap cliché for me to take the rest of the statement seriously at all.

                • I wouldn't know, I saw someone do it on Youtube. As for her manners comment, Bigby can say either "Cut this shit out!" or "I'm talking to you!" beforehand, which she pokes fun at as being rude. That's irony for you.

        • "Didn't your mother teach you any manners, or was she too busy fucking every breeze that rolled by?"

          I paused to shit my pants.

  • In episode 3 when Snow said "I don't think he did it," I really wish that I had had the option to say "Neither do I."

    • Seriously! That annoyed me so much. I never thought it was Crane, yet TellTale insisted on making Bigby think otherwise. :/

    • A "Let's bring him in and question him instead of standing here and squabbling, dammit." would have been nice too.

      I'm pretty sure I got through the conversation without sounding like I disagreed just by remaining noncommittal and letting Snow do the talking, though.

  • There are many points where i was hoping for a "Fuck off" option, pretty much any part including Crane, Toad or the Crook Man.

  • There are a couple things I can think for each episode.

    In episode 1, right before going in to the Trip Trap I would've like to tell Snow that she can come along with me. "Come on, Snow, if I can handle what's inside there, then so can you." (at least then, Bigby would know that Snow didn't really die at the end of the episode)

    In episode 2, when Beast walks in on Beauty and Bigby trying to open 207, (if told them both you're staying out of it) "Maybe I didn't make myself clear the first time. Whatever marriage problems you both have, I'm staying the fuck out of it!"

    In episode 3, I wanted to call Crane out about him knowing why Tweedle Dee was at the Trip Trap bar, and for knowing why he went to Woody's and Lawrence's apartments, and also demand to know what else that he knows.

    In episode 4, when Toad complains about Bigby handling his responsibilities. "Toad, you got a lot of nerve to talk to ME about responsibilities." I also wanted to be able to call him out on being a hypocrite.

    In episode 5, I was wanting to say something positive about what Nerissa said about Bigby and Snow making a good team. "Yeah, I guess we do."

  • Bigby: he guard make sure you place security cameras outside of the building

    Guard: Of course

    Bigby: example somebody gets killed and we don't know who did it

  • I wanted a dialogue options where Bigby talks about his previous actions in the trial scene . If he is good , I would like him to be able to shut Fabletown's mouth after they constantly blame him and harass him . I would like to have that scene where everyone is ashamed of themselves :/

  • I'd have preferred more opportunities to apologize for the way things have been. I like to think my Bigby quickly realized how shitty the system had been to the less fortunate Fables while under Crane's command, and would have liked the option to point out that he was aware of this and wasn't okay with it. You sort of get a dialogue option like it shortly before the fight with Grendel in episode 1, but no one really pays attention to it.

  • You know, the game could've used way more conservations between Bigby and Colin. It just felt like the game needed more of those.

    For example: the scene where Bigby falls asleep in his chair back in the first episode, Telltale should've gave us the option where we could optionally explore Bigby's apartment before he turned in for the night, and the choice to talk to Colin in the kitchen too.

  • Tbh, more opportunities to be a dick to Beast and Beauty would've been nice. They annoyed me so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed Bigby telling them to fuck off, because getting into debt to fuel a 'certain kind of lifestyle' isn't as bad as most of the other Fables' lives.

    Also, an option to punish Greenleaf for making her creepy glamours, but without having to burn her tree. That seemed too extreme, but the other two options are letting her off the hook entirely, or offering her a job (which is good, but I think a little punishment would've been good too).

    When you're looking around the Lucky Pawn, and Jack says something like "you really don't realise how bad a lot of Fables have it", I wish there could be an option to empathise or apologise or something. The options tend to be some variant of saying you have it bad too or 'fuck off, Jack'.

    More options to be nice to people, like TJ, Collin, Flycatcher, Nerissa, Snow, Holly, Woody, Bufkin.

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