Who should Bigby ended up with?

If people haven't finished episode 5 of TWAU, they won't get what I'm about to ask. At the end of episode 5, it's still unclear to me if Faith was glamouring as Nerrisa or Nerrisa was glamouring as Faith in episode one. Whatever the case maybe, who is a better match for Bigby? Nerrisa (who might be Faith) or Snow White? Out of curiousity, what's your reason?


  • Snow obviously.

  • Snow, they're a good team. In plus Faith/Nerissa was a prostitute.

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    Lol Jk I like Bigby and Snow since it's canon

  • Since they hook up eventually in the comics Snow.

  • Eh, he should spend some time with Nerissa. He's still got a few decades before he even tells Snow how he feels. He can feel like an ass when he later leaves her to pursue Snow.

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    Why do people say snow? Snow and Bigby butt heads all the time, and it's like no matter what Bigby does, she still isn't satisfied. I like Faith and Bigby a little more. During their fist encounter, they just seemed so comfortable talking to each other, clicking instantly. Yes Faith is a prostitute, but it wasn't by choice. Also my opinion is coming only from the context of the game, not any of the comics.

  • My Bigby would of went for Nerissa. One of the few people who didn't speak or act condescending towards you in almost every conversation. And ya also just based on just the game, haven't read the comics.

  • Funny, because that actually could've been faith.. glamoured as her you know lol.

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    Nerissa (or is that Faith?)

    She just seemed to have a very gentle personality, which I can definitely appreciate. She had those big sad eyes, which just made me want to hug her every time I saw her. I also found her to be the most attractive fable, other than Bigby of course.

    I also liked Faith as the near polar opposite of Nerissa, but her cameo was too short for me to make any sort of serious judgment. I feel like her personality would probably mesh the best with Bigby's.

    I liked Snow as a character at first, but I found her personality to be pretty frustrating from episode 3 onwards. Nothing Bigby did was even enough for her, and her annoying black-and-white views on morality began to grate on my nerves. When she wasn't trying to assert her dominance over Bigby and other fables, she was a much more compelling character.

  • Should've added a spoiler tag

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    no one.... cause he would end up with snow later

  • Faith, Snow was such a turn off after Episode 2.

  • Well, context of the comics, Bigby ends up with Snow, because he's a wolf, and wolves dig that Alpha-female shit.

  • Nerissa, she was the only one who wasn't a complete ass to Bigby at some point in the game, and she seems to be a kind person

  • Nerissa of course. Sweet, beautiful, smart, always trying to help you. Unlike Snow, who's your boss and always interfering with your job. Not that it's ruining it, but sometimes, it's really annoying. Also, she's never satisfied with you. Nerissa, on the other hand, always got your back, tries to point you in the right direction, and she deserves a better life than she had. I'd love to see Bigby and her build a relationship bit by bit. DLC maybe ? :)
    Note - I know of Snow+Bigby canon and this comment applies to real Nerissa, not Faith being Nerissa.

  • Since I never read the Fable comics (I'm working on it, I'm working on it), I say Nerissa.

    Or Faith. Faissa? Nerith? I don't even know anymore.

  • You know what, I like the name Nerith. lol.

  • Its not really a spoiler. Its obvious they have the standard Office co-worker tension

  • Snow, because it's already canon...

  • Fuck canon, I ship Bigby and Nerissa!

  • If I was the big bad wolf, I would plow everyone .

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    Everyone saying "Bigby and Snow" because it goes with canon, but they forget that there is a 20 year gap between the game and comics. I see Bigby getting together with someone else to be honest in a Season 2 or DLC, since they really can't continue a Bigby-Snow relationship without turning it into a romance.

  • Bigby only ever loved snow

  • But Snow fell in love with him only in the comics.

  • but he's loved her ever since they met

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  • Colin.

  • Obviously Snow White. And by that you know I mean he will wait.

  • Yeah, if you had read a single comic you would know that would make absolutely no sense. Bigby has been hooked on Snow for 100's of years. He doesn't even have the slightest interest in other women.

  • lol, yeah and those comics are what this game is based on. Respect the source material and respect the fact that Bigby is obsessed with Snow and no one else.

  • Bigby has taken up with at least one other woman to get his mind off of Snow.

  • I am not saying he became a monk, but the fact is that he has only ever loved Snow. That isn't debatable.

  • Right, but this is just a question of where Bigby could go from the period in time after the end of this game. He has 20 years before he'll even express himself to Snow. He only ever truly loved Snow, but he had at least one other meaningful relationship, so at this point, I don't see why he couldn't find solace in a meaningful relationship with someone else for a while.

  • I dunno why you're just assuming that Bigby has had a meaningful relationship with anyone else. The comics never imply that once. He had a pretty crappy life and became obsessed with Snow after catching her scent. He even took up smoking just to attempt to block out her smell.

  • Knowing that he at least had a real meaningful relationship with Sarah Tanaraq, I'm just saying that she probably wasn't his first human girlfriend and he probably didn't lose his virginity to her. I don't see any reason to think that he'd never had a similar relationship before.

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