• Another HUGE reason for Georgie not to kill anyone is the foundry where Bigby fought Mary.

    They. Have. A. Personal. Foundry.

    Just dispose any body there, terminator style, no one will ever find anything there. Ok, Georgie could be an idiot, but Vivian should have been more or less smart. If she knew Georgie did it, at least she could suggest the foundry. At least throw the dead bodies there. But no, the way the 2 girls were disposed is as if someone was leaving clues to Georgie and Crooked man.

    Now that I mentioned the foundry I had a flash. The bloody wheel. Did you see the giant wheel when you went to fight Mary? Did you see blood? Do you know why it was there? Are you getting goosebumps already? Georgie said he need to make an expample, to punish - death is too easy. Put a troll (Lily) on a giant wheel with spikes, chain her there and have her bleed slowly. Maybe even let her leave after that. Would explain 2 weeks of missing time. Also, what if Vivi comes one day and say that Lily died on the wheel? Georgie would just ask to dump the body, but he would be sure he killed her. While in reality she was teleported away (well, that part is described earlier)

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