How exaclty did [spoiler] kill the girls?

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Just for the sake of the argument, even though I just posted a large thread (that no one would probably read) which is strongly based on how Georgie did not kill anyone, I see a lot of notices where he confesses his murder.
Could anyone point me to the scene where he does that? Or even better, quote it. Cause the only ones I know of is when he is dying and the description by 'girl' in last scene, neither of those are really solid.
I mean was there a scene where he said something like 'I went into the apartment room, pulled her ribbon, and her head flew off'? For me it only seemed like he was too fixed on just the fact that he killed them, not details.


  • In the Pudding N Pie, he said, "So, yeah, I fucking killed them! And I'd do it again!" Pretty sure that's a clear confirmation that he did it.

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    Thanks for the response
    Yeah, ok, did he actually describe it anywhere?

    In other words, are there any points against the following theory:

    • Georgie hits a girl on the head with his bat (it was covered with blood by the way when Bigby picked it up)

    • Georgie thinks he kills her (considering how he died, he should be aware best that weak fables die easily)

    • the other girls play along with that, while girl was actually alive (so she can get 'free')

    This is just a part of a larger sequence, I'm asking whether Georgie said anything that would make this theory 100% invalid. Because with what he said, these 3 points above can be applied.

    PS The evidence from the scenes counts only if it proves that Georgie is the one who did it. Else it could have been done by someone else, most likely someone who was aware of the whole 'sheme'

  • This is actually an idea I've been mulling over; suppose they hid the woman at Lawrence's house, or at the Open Arms?

    But then, someone had to die for that first head to be at the Woodlands (unless you can glamour a cabbage, but there's nothing to suggest that you could). Or are you thinking that someone was killed after she was saved, or that the girl who was saved killed her savior?

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    My current opinion (you can read it all in the 'Who is the killer thread', gonna take you a good 30 minutes cause I compiled a ton of stuff there) is about like that:

    Georgie never mentioned the times. This act could have happened a week ago, or the day before the crime.

    Sleeping pills at Lawrence place - could be used to keep girl 'down' for as long as needed

    My bet is that we saw real Faith in first part, then she headed to Lawrence's place, cut the mermaid's head off (blood is very fresh next morning), carried the head to Bigby. Another fun thing is why the bed/cupboard was up - I strongly believe that the killer used Crooked man's magic doors to carry the bodies (that's why trail disappears at door in 207 and why Beauty saw no one). And guess what -that bed is covered by a door, could it be used to teleport? That is the only good explanation I can think of to why was the bed open, esle it would be just creating additional evidence that Lawrence was not alone (thanks for sleeping pills, he could have been alseep for any time).

    PS so yeah, I actually think Faith killed both Narissa and Lily. First cause they maybe had some arguments(picture at foundry), Lily to remove a witness. Because Georgie in not a complete moron to kill someone in the room where most of his girls work, and leave such a huge blood trail (that trail is very similar to the head at front door, while the murder in Lawrence's room was covered by suicide)

  • Heh, are you the same person from the Steam forums? There's a lot of interesting stuff going on there.

    Unless Nerissa was already dead, cutting her head off with the knife would have made a much larger puddle of blood than we see at Lawrence's house.

    Any idea how Faith could use the Crooked Man's portals and put them where she needed? Agreed, it was probably a portal that got the body out of the Open Arms, but I don't see how Faith could have hijacked them.

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    Any idea how the Crooked man and his goons used his portal? :D They cannot be random, there has to be a way to control them, or a schedule (good thing about a schedule is that it gives a reason to wait 2 weeks, that's how long Lily was missing).
    Also, Vivian was most likely aware of the plan partially, so she would help the girls (at least with that) - originally they could have asked her how portals work to escape.

    As for blood, Got it covered completely:

    Lily was a troll, and you can't hide that mass with glamour. As I remember comics, it only changes the outside, so the amounts of blood could still be huge.

    Second thing - in Lawrence's, the killer tried to mask it with suicide, so leaving as few blood as possible. In 207 it was the opposite- leave as much blood as possible to catch Bigby's eye. Also the body was dragged all the way to the door, while in Lawrence's place just one step was needed

    Finally - when Vivian suicided, the amount of blood was very few compared to Lily's, but almost same as Lawrences case. If body was taken out right away, it would be that much, and it was visually proven by how Vivian died

    Those are the points that cover the theory.

    The cornerstone is the knife. If it was not used to kill someone, why it was there with fresh blood? This theory explains it.

    PS If you want more mindblowing about the knife: remember how little mermaid ended (real on, not disney). Mermaid was given a dagger to kill her prince, so she could live. And since she is easily the onlyFalbe in the game who has any relations to daggers, I'd say that the dagger found in Lawrence's room was the one. Fits nicely - maybe she brought it herself and though about killing Faith with it. But in the end, just like in the tale, decided not to. And in the end, just like in the tale, died because of that. Would be really poetic, but maybe I'm thinking too much. Easy option is that Faith brought the dagger and killed her with it.
    By the way, after mermaid died in the fable, she turned into foam. I wonder if Faith was near insanity when she was dumping Lily, but since it was near the pond, the sound of water could have sounded like laughter. Thus the thing he said (TJ never even said whether a man or a woman said those words)

  • I need to think about the portals for a bit, so, leaving that to rest for now.

    Agreed about Lily, if her head was cut by the knife. But even though Nerissa would bleed less, she'd still bleed more than a little puddle if her head was cut off while she was still alive. That's why I think she must have been already dead when Faith cut off her head.

    Why would you leave the knife at Lawrence's, to be possibly taken as evidence, if you planned to use it again killing Lily?

    This is the theory I like most, I just need to clarify a few things before I can jump on it wholeheartedly.

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    Cheapest call is that the portal is closing and you have no time to do much. Considering how the note was placed carelessly, Faith probably had very little time to think about dagger. Or she just decided to leave it as it is. Since Lawrence's venes were cut too, one could think that dagger was used for that too, so it would be forgotten in the confusion.

    And again about blood amounts - at Vivian death scene there was very few blood, just because few time has passed and it didn't come out in large amounts. It the body was carried away, it should be about that. A more medical explanation is that the huge overdose or sleeping pills could have stopped the blood flow rates as well. Also she was half a fish, so colder blood could lead to further rate reductions. As with trolls, can only hid the outside. Things fit a lot nicer than if it was the opposite.

    PS Ah, yeah, time. Remember how often she was looking at her watch in part one? That would be a great proof that portals work by a schedule and she had to get to Lawrence's place before it closed there. Also she had no choice but to use the 'bed-door'. Good one, thanks for making me think about it.
    I actually wonder how it all fits so nicely so far, maybe it's how the devs designed it originally...

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    Another HUGE reason for Georgie not to kill anyone is the foundry where Bigby fought Mary.

    They. Have. A. Personal. Foundry.

    Just dispose any body there, terminator style, no one will ever find anything there. Ok, Georgie could be an idiot, but Vivian should have been more or less smart. If she knew Georgie did it, at least she could suggest the foundry. At least throw the dead bodies there. But no, the way the 2 girls were disposed is as if someone was leaving clues to Georgie and Crooked man.

    Now that I mentioned the foundry I had a flash. The bloody wheel. Did you see the giant wheel when you went to fight Mary? Did you see blood? Do you know why it was there? Are you getting goosebumps already? Georgie said he need to make an expample, to punish - death is too easy. Put a troll (Lily) on a giant wheel with spikes, chain her there and have her bleed slowly. Maybe even let her leave after that. Would explain 2 weeks of missing time. Also, what if Vivi comes one day and say that Lily died on the wheel? Georgie would just ask to dump the body, but he would be sure he killed her. While in reality she was teleported away (well, that part is described earlier)

  • A very late response from me, I know, sorry about that, but I just felt that I had to answer:
    About why was room 207 so bloody compared to Vivian's death place, I think I got a perfect explanation.
    On Lily's body there is a small bruise on the neck (can be seen if you inspect it 3 times). I believe it was left right before her head was cut.
    Imagine if it was not the removal of the ribbon, but an actual weapon that killed her - Woody's axe. We saw a couple times how people use it - first get it close slowly for a clean hit (that's where the bruise comes from), then make a wide swing. And with such swing you can imagine blood being everywhere (and it was on the walls and even the clock in 207).
    It would also explain the whole 'disappearence of the axe sequence' - Faith somehow managed to steal it, then used it to kill Lily, then put it to the pawn for extra cash and to hide evidence (Lawrence's dagger also ends up in the pawn and it was most likely used to cut first head off, so there is another coincidence). The dagger was left in his room at first to make people think that Lawrence used it for suicide.
    Explanation to use weapons is simple - ribbons are a lie for Georgie so he 'leaves girls alone'(if he thinks they will be kept quiet by magic, won't watch them himself). Faith did talk about her job in part 1 (saying how much Woody owed her - isn't that job-related? The condition is too vague to check for sure, but I remember the girls talking about job thought the game a bit), and more importantly, asked 'do you like my ribbon'(while one of the rules - 'don't talk about ribbon').

    Also noticed a ton of other fun stuff, like the fact that Lawrence's, Woody's and Bigby's appartements are all within walking distance, while the club where Faith worked is on the other side of the city; so think about her getting there, switching forms with Nerissa, seeing Georgie cut her head, then grabbing it and running to Bigby's all within like 4 hour(or even less) interval that passed(wonder if she used a cab while carrying that head). Or the fact that the blood in the alchemy lab was most likely from Faith, when she was making a 'Nerissa' glamour right after delivering the head(and her leg bleeding).

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