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again again who was the girl that woody was hitting???????????!!!!

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was she faith or nerissa ??????!!!

  • Faith.

    How I see it is this:

    Nerissa blabs about Faith stealing the picture to georgie. She then confesses what she did to Faith.

    Then, in order to protect her, Nerissa glamours herself as Faith and Faith glamours as Nerissa. Georgie then kills the woman who looks like Faith.

    Faith, now out of glamour, then goes to the apartment and causes a commotion in order to draw bigby there and give him a personal connection with faith. Then, later on she glamours the body of Nerissa looking like faith to have the bruises, and leaves it on the doorstep in order to alert bigby.

    Then she pretends to be Nerissa until the whole thing is over so she is save from the crooked man.

    • so it's faith who is dead????

      no offence but I'm still confused :\

      • I think Flog61 got Faith right, but the sequence of events wrong. Why would Faith cause a commotion at Woody's apartment to draw in Bigby if she didn't know Bigby yet? Also there's no way to predict Woody would get angry or Toad would call Bigby.

        Here's what I think what happened and this sequence of events doesn't need predictions:

        1) Woody makes appointment with Lily. Lily cannot make it, so she asks Faith to cover for her at the apartment.

        2) Woody becomes upset that Faith does not recognise him. He makes a lot of noise and refuses to pay Faith. The disturbance causes Toad to call Bigby.

        3) Bigby comes, fights Woody, they fly out of the window.

        4) This is the first time that Bigby and Faith meet. Before this Faith cannot know whether Bigby is a good guy, because so far all the rumours indicate he is bad. It's only after this first meeting that she realizes Bigby is "not as bad as they say".

        5) Faith goes back and she meets Nerissa. Nerissa tells Faith she betrayed her and Faith is in trouble. Out of guilt or coercion, Nerissa agrees to switch identities with Faith.

        6) Georgie kills Nerissa, who he thinks it's Faith.

        7) Faith leaves Nerissa's glamoured head on Bigby's doorstep. She believes Bigby is not a bad guy because they met at Woody's, so he might be able to help.

        So Faith is the one who survives, and Nerissa is the one who died.

        • real thanks for this writing ;D

          • are you sure that faith is the one who survived, bro?

            • Yeah I believe he is right. When Bigby asks the mirror about Faith, it tells him "My lips are sealed", so she's still wearing the ribbon at that point. She wouldn't though if she was already dead, it would not make any sense. It also fits perfectly with the story of faith as described in the first episode.

              Besides, it's just the far more satisfying ending in my opinion.

              • At first I thought the Mirror was the most conclusive clue. It's still a good piece of evidence, but in the end the Mirror can't be used to prove everything.

                This is because if you interrogate Woody, you get the choice to ask the Mirror to show Lily (who is glamoured as Snow White in the next room). Lily at that time has no ribbon on her but the mirror still says "lips are sealed". So the physical ribbon itself is not blocking the mirror. Instead there are 2 possibilities:

                1) It's the glamour that's blocks the mirror or

                2) Vivian's spell lasts until Vivian's death. The physical ribbon itself just decapitates the victim.

                So we have to look at other evidence (the ending flashbacks, Faith's legend, Lily's note, the photographs) to determine that Faith is alive.

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