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Did anyone else actually like Bloody Mary?

posted by BloodyBufkin on - Viewed by 2.9K users

I know she was a villain but she was kinda funny and a lot of people like villains more that the heroes! She was actually my favourite character any else think this our am I the only one?

  • Like as an character? Sure. She was an worthy adversary. Good design, great voice acting, intresting powers. Beating her felt good.

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    AmazingAura01 BANNED

    She's my second favorite character in this series. :P

  • Yeah, I liked her. It was like there was some sort of aura about her or the pizzazz that she came with when we first met the woman in the alleyway, that allowed us to fall victim to her many psychotic qualities.

  • Nope. You're not the only one mate. I think she's friggin amazing.

  • She was an interesting idea... But in the end, none of her potential mattered.

    She was a painfully written villain sue. Telltale's official Original Character who was introduced kicking Bigby's ass so hard that he had NIGHTMARES about her. Nothing but a flawless "badass". Maybe some people hate her because she did not immediately suck them off like how most of the playerbase of Walking Dead judge their opinions on characters, but me personally, I hate her because, thinking out of the box, she was horribly written. Good design, good voice, good idea, but ultimately, atrocious writing.

    • This. Her voice was great, but she was extremely cliche.

    • Seconded. Characters like her can really stand out, provided they have intelligent dialogue, but nothing that came out of her mouth ever made an impact on me and her introduction just wasn't badass enough to carry her all by itself. The fact that Bigby had nightmares about her after their first meeting, even though he's explicitly been shot with silver bullets before and that was all she did, was practically insulting to his character.

  • Yeah, I liked her expression after I bit her in half.

  • I actually enjoyed her character very much. So sassy, sarcastic and deliciously evil! It brought me back to those childhood times of being peer pressured into saying her name in the bathroom! XD

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    She was (IMO) a great character. And she delivered one of my favorite lines.

    "Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners? Or was she too busy F-ing whatever breeze drifted through town."

  • I like her a lot. Can't wait to see her in season two.

  • My favourite moment is when she talks about the girls going into there bathrooms and saying her name 5 times in the mirror! 'They find it less funny when I show up and feed there lungs to the family dog' and gives a little bark!

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