Changes and unresolved instances in the story?

After completing The Wolf Among Us, I realized a lot of changes and unresolved instances about the game.

Here's a few:

  • Trailer for Episode 2 - Bigby:"Who else is involved? Woodsman:"The girl...with the coat" (Beauty used to be involved?)
  • Episode 3 title card featuring Detective Brannigan (Was there going to be subplot about her trying to get Bigby?)
  • Bluebeard burning Crane's things (Was Bluebeard originally working for The Crooked Man?)
  • The caller on Beauty and Beast's answering machine (Was the gruff voiced man who called originally important?)
  • Why was the orange haired man, Cryer, made to be just a red herring?
  • Unused character model of Cinderella

I think that the initial revealing of the killer was going to be more dramatic and surprising as well. All of these instances could be a sign that Telltale lost inspiration in the game and wanted to quickly finish it by changing, adding, and forgetting things as they went. Episode 4 and 5's short lengths could be another sign of this too.

What do you think? Feel free to add anything else left explained or changed to the game.

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