Trailer tomorrow for The Walking Dead: Season Two's penultimate episode

Amid the Ruins key art

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4, Amid the Ruins, is nearly here! Take a peek at the artwork for the episode above, and look for the trailer coming tomorrow!


  • I'm really interested in Sarita's situation. Wheather she's alive or not, and different outcomes of decision we took in the end of episode 3.

  • I hope the Vita version will release with the others this time. I really like looking at the forums, but when an episode has been released for most platforms and not for mine, I have to avoid them to not be spoiled.

  • omg my body is ready

  • Can't wait!

  • I haven't been this excited since....since.... the previous episode was announced.

  • Why are they using the shot of Kenny standing above Carver for this picture?

  • I'm so ready for e4 download and also hope Kenny and his girlfriend is ok.

  • Can't wait for this episode

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    7/24 is the release date of episode 4 can't wait, I still sad that Lee is dead and Omid, and is Lilly still alive ?, and is Christa still alive?
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