• Not Johan. Not Auntie Greenleaf. Should've just been King Cole, Bigby, and Snow, and one big argument amongst the three of them. Maybe let Kay get a look at the Crooked Man and dispense with any real trial.

  • We pretty much knew the Woodsman wouldn't be as he got great closure after the Pawn shop in episode 4.

    Jack's absence was odd.

  • Jack wasn't really a concerned party, so I'm not sure why he would be there. Woody maybe would have made sense, but it might have been an awkward situation.

  • The Woodsman would have made sense and allowed to give his explanation. I was surprised when Hans or even Gwen didn't show up with Nerissa. Surely they had something to say about the CM. 'I have at least 5 girls that will back me up on this.' That would have been nice to see. :)

  • I agree that it would have been nice to see the Woodsman, but after his ordeal at The Lucky Pawn, I think he wanted to distance himself from any more drama.

  • I assumed with Woody maybe he'd just given up on Fabletown since he seemed so depressed, but it would've been nice for him to show up since he had direct links to Faith and especially Lily.

    Jack should have been there, c'mon that guy is way too nosy to stay away, and he clearly likes to make his opinion heard, based on ep3.

    It would've also been nice to have a few others like Flycatcher, Toad and Collin.

  • Toad's presence would've been hilarious to see. Seeing him spout endless insults at the Crooked Man would have been gold. XD

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