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Was he ......... really guilty ??

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Was the crooked man really guilty? i mean there is no evidence to prove his guiltiness at 100% ?! what do yo think, is it true that he ordered the murders ??

  • Proof at the butcher's shop - enslaved Fables, being bloodied for glamours. Also, P&P girls were forced into debt and kept in it. Besides, Bigby was attacked by his employees. And not even a one time, but a few.

  • Georgie says that it was ordered.

    Vivian claimed that the Crooked Man controlled everything that they did.

    Nerissa says that Georgie was supposed to smooth things over with the Crooked Man and came back with a different intent.

    Jersey says that nothing happens in Fabletown unless the Crooked Man wants it to happen.

    Crooked Man showed clear willingness to take extreme measures to protect Crane and keep Crane from being taken into custody.

    Crooked Man was clearly in charge when Bloody Mary and the Tweedles assaulted Bigby. He's going to be at least guilty of every single crime that they were a part of: obstruction of justice, attempted murder, assault, etc., etc.

    Crooked Man admitted giving at least some order to Georgie regarding taking care of the problem with the girls.

    Crooked Man claims Georgie disobeyed him, yet took no interest in disciplining Georgie until Bigby found him and he needed to save his own ass.

    Hell yes he's guilty.

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