• If he isn't controls by player, the case will end in ep3 :-S

    • To tell you, if the player wasn't given the power to influence choice for BigBy to make, the game would be rather ill. But if this was a book or a comic, than you would see the true side of him since no matter who you are, there wouldn't be a way to influence his actions nor what he thinks.

      Now I feel like I'm saying a comic would have been better.ehhhh

  • Bigby doesn't really get into non-lethal fights in the comics very often. When he needs to make a threat, he makes a threat of death, and other people pretty much always back down.

    If someone is committing some financial crime or doing something that will bring too much attention to Fabletown, Bigby will investigate and simply tell the suspect what needs to happen and the suspect listens.

    He shows no pleasure in cutting loose against humans or other animals, but shows a willingness to do what he feels is necessary. When someone poses a threat of violence, Bigby is prepared to kill because that's what is necessary in his mind.

    However, he has at times been inclined to bring in even a dangerous suspect for a full, legitimate trial of his peers.

    • In the recent story looks like the author is throwing his centuries strive away , I feel very sad for that :'(

  • o-wow, somebody responded, that was quick. Thanks for your thought and input.

    I enjoy reading and having a view of how you view BigBy and what he is like and would have done, please leave a thought.

    Sincerely Wolfenstien14

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