• That's horrible,if he can not return to normal as soon as possible I'm afraid Snow have to kill him ,or worse...Rose want to kill him and Snow have to against whole Fabletown

  • Bigby will come back to normal, eventually.

    Ambrose's narration in #129 indicates that they spent years without Bigby. But:

    Bigby is fated to outlive all of his children after dying 7 times (should be in # 122).

    In #123, a grown Ambrose says that he's going to see his father, and Lake encourages him because they don't speak as much as they used to.

    Also, note that in 142 all Fables were told not to engage with Bigby. Thrushbeard didn't heed that advice. No one else seems inclined to be that stupid. Except Snow justifiably believes that she can restore his humanity. Leigh Douglas seems to have some power over him right now, because Bigby isn't the intelligent monster that he always was before meeting Snow, but a feral unreasoning monster. Since the comic is ending with #150, someone will figure out Leigh's game soon enough and put her out of business, I think.

    • I sure hope someone figures out Leigh eventually, and I hope they actually explain what she actually did to that shard of Bigby in order to make him that way. I expect the 13th floor will eventually figure out that Bigby is under some sort of spell, leading back to Leigh, and deal with her to fix Bigby. But I did read the synopsis for a few of the issues ahead and well.. I'm not gonna say anything, cause I sort of regret reading them myself, not knowing they would be kind of spoiler-y.

    • yeah, and Cindy already knew what happened, she never let us down

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