wolf among us 2

will there be another wolf among us?
this game is one of the best iv ever played i am so looking forward to a second one if there is one.


  • i like wolf among us game and i hope to continue game in season 2 because bigby and snow white and their children are attractive

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  • Do you have a link where you got that picture from?

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    I certainly hope so and I would love to see Prince Charming in the next one.

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    I really want a S2 and hopes aside I'm sure we will get at least a DLC to go along the game.

  • I would like too see Snow White in a awkward moment with rose red and Prince Charming if there a season 2

  • I hope so, but its going to take a while :/ This is one of my favorite Telltale games.

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    I'd love for a Season 2 of TWAU. It was one of the best story-driven games I've ever played, and I hope it will continue after the final choice of S1E5.

    That being said; if TTG were to continue TWAU, (like the majority of this forum) I'd like the episodes to be a little bit longer. I felt that the length of episode 5 should have been a lot longer, just to provide a spectacular conclusion to the amazing story.

  • I love the Noir detective feel the game had, like when you had to catch people in lies, to get the truth out of them.

  • Haha, Rose is such a character when her and Snow start arguing with one another.

  • We won't see one for a while, but they HAVE to eventually IMO. Brannigan and Cindy for S2!

  • A very, very long time till we see season 2.. :(

  • I would actually quite like a prequel set in an earlier time frame. There was an interesting incident with a mundy in the 30s. It would go nicely with the crime noire thing and people probably would not object to seeing Mr.Wolf in vintage clothing. Though I do want to see if Mundy police lady plotline goes anywhere. It'd also be cool too see some of the animal fables in glamour like Colin or Toad.

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    My only request would be that we continue to play as Bigby Wolf. He is a great protagonist and perfect to play from his perspective. I only wish there was some more time at the beginning of the game to "settle in" before going in to the main story arc.

  • I wouldn't say a "very, very long time." Tellale has proven they can multitask projects so I'm sure when Tales is done and they start GoT they can start Wolf S2, so we can hopefully expect the first episode next summer or early fall. I hope we can get a DLC sometime in the next couple of months though.

  • I want a Season 2 of TWAU soooo bad. And yes I want it more than a TWD S3. Seriously, I'm really not enjoying Season 2.

  • I agree. Season 2 has been rather meh, where TWAU was amazing. I loved every episode.

    Amid the Ruins looks pretty good though.

  • I'd be satisfied if it was a single game, but if they announced a sequel, I'd be overjoyed.

  • Season 2s has it moments but i did enjoyed TWAU a lot more.

  • I prefer walking dead but that is because it is more dramatic. Though honesty I can't compare them too much.

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    i like both, Its like comparing Blonds vs Brunettes, small differences but the core model is the same , no matter the way you look at it.
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