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Telltale Best of 2008!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 494 users
Hey guys!

2008's over and done, and we finally got our website poll script up and running, so what better way to break it in than by having an end-of-year extravaganza?


Throughout the next week, we'll be holding votes to see what you guys thought was the most awesome/lame out of all the stuff we did this year. We'll also have a few bonus awards of high import chosen by Telltale employees at the end of the week. Go check it out and vote your hearts out.

If you want to vote for something that isn't included in the poll (eg if you have a different favorite moment from SBCG4AP or Sam & Max, just leave it in this thread or in the blog comments... but also vote on what's there of course!
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