Bigby was in my dream for a few seconds.

These two guys was racing for potatos for some reason. One guy couldn't hardly walk and in the middle of his race track was a big hole. When the guy came across the hole, he prayed to God to help him get enough potatos to feed his family. Well Bigby, was in the potato tent. He lit up a cigarette and there was an explosion. All of the potatos went flying in the air and fell into the big hole in front of the guy that was praying. Then I woke up. Weird dream isn't it.


  • Did you eat potato the night before cause the dream is pretty funny. I mean who fights for a potato and why was Bigby in a potato tent is that even a thing, and why would he light a cigarette causing an explosion (potato is not even flammable). And if it was a race why would they be a hole, and why would he pray for potato why not find another way to get food not just potato and how could the potato possible land in the hole, was the whole massive or what it must of been a pretty good shot to land all the potato in the hole. anyway it should be a telltale game series The Adventures Of Potato guys and Bigby.

  • Did Bigby save everybody after you woke up

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