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Snow is Manipulative?

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I was looking over the choices of all 5 episodes and loads of people sided with Snow and let her do things and agreed with her. Like letting her go to the Trip Trap bar or burning down Aunty Greenleaf's tree. I feel like people did this in the hope of winning Snow's heart but after everything you do for her, their last scene she just ignores you.

I'm positive Snow knew Bigby was attracted to her. Snow wouldn't have succeeded without Bigby's help, but she needed him to bend his morals in doing so. My theory is that she used that sexual tension to get what she wanted. And it worked! Loads of people agreed and did everything Snow told them to do.

So in conclusion, Snow White is a manipulative bitch. imo.

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    JJwolf BANNED

    I don't think she used the 'sexual tension' to manipulate Bigby. A lot happened in a short period of time; so many rules were broken, there was a murder and on top of that, the man she's been working for had sexual fantasies about her. Not to mention hE got involved with the CM.

    From ep 1 to the very end, she was TRYING to establish order and a government that will work. She has so much on her plate now because of it.
    For now, it seems like she does not notice it.

    • I kind of agree with you, but I disagree that she didn't notice it. She must have, they had sooooooo many moments. I think she just chose not to act on them.

  • She didn't know that until 20years later he told her

  • I wouldn't say Snow is manipulative, just more of a power tripper when she gets angry. People only side with her because they think it'll make Snow like them.

    • That had nothing to do with me siding with Snow. Out of everyone in the game, she made the most sense.

      Basically she just does not want you to go around killing other Fables or beating on innocent ones. Not really an unreasonable thing to want.

      • I was speaking in reference to the bad things she wanted, like burning the tree and wanting to send Toad & Collin to the farm without helping them get glamours.

        • First of all there is no helping anyone that doesn't have a glamour, because there is no money.

          Second Greenleaf's tree was the main cause of Crooked Man enslaving fables. Also the 13th floor witches don't craft objects which they used to, hence the tree has no value.

      • Belan to the rescue! It's like you're tasked to protect Snow's welfare. :P

  • I wouldn't call her that if i were you.

  • Actually, she has no idea that he's attracted to her in that way at all. And she doesn't think of him any more that a colleague. He ignores his feelings for her for a long, long time, until the events that unravel in the comics. That's where he finally confesses his crush on her and she thinks its hilarious at first, kind of hurting him, though he's not one to show his feelings much. She still might have been manipulating him, however. She was just trying to get him to do the right thing in her mind, though the right thing is up to you to decide. All she wants to do is protect Fabletown, no matter how crap they are at doing it.
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      CrazyGeorge BANNED
      So your saying she is that oblivious? I don't think so, i think she knew his feelings, but never confronted him on it because of the awkwardness of the discussion. Remember when she gets all pissy at the beginning of episode 2, when Bigby is telling Snow that he beat the crap out of tweedle or the other one, can't remember because he thought she was dead. In my game she gets all bitchy and says " I am not yours to lose or something." Which makes me think she knows about his feelings.

      Personally i don't like Snow.
      • But she didn't. She wants to know in the comics why he's suddenly interested in her after all these years. So, to be consistent with the comics, she pretty much has to be oblivious regardless of what is canon in the game.

        • She was also oblivious to other more obvious things in the beginning of the comics. I think even now in the most recent issues, she still doesn't entirely know what's going on around her despite how active the whole community is in dealing with it. She's still a great leader in my opinion.

          • Well, she's somewhat disconnected from what's going on, now. I wouldn't say she's so much oblivious as that she's just not aware of everything that's happening.

            She's making her own moves to get Brandish, but I don't think she has any particular reason to really be aware of everything that's going on with Rose. Not even Rose fully understands what's happening.

            What are you specifically referring to that she's oblivious to in the comics other than Bigby's feelings for her? The stuff up at the farm? She was pretty slow in picking up on that.

        • Oh come on! If Colin could see Bigby was interested.

  • I don't think she's manipulative, she just wants Bigby to do what she thinks is right. And most of the times, I agreed with what she thought was the right thing (sending Toad to the farm, bringing TCM back alive).

  • The writers make you trust Snow. In fact I think Snow and Bigby are meant to be like mom and dad, who both want the best for the town but may have different ideas and approaches. My Bigby disagreed almost entirely with Snow's suggestions -- I didn't burn down the tree, I didn't bring the CM back alive. But I always defended Snow in front of other people. And I feel like that's what the writers wanted. At the end I think Snow was just being professional and she was juggling a bunch of things, she's at work afterall.

    Also, in the comic I think Snow's character is meant to put up walls and be icy towards everyone. Even if she recognizes Bigby's attraction to her she probably doesn't want to face it because of her past and I think that's consistent with the character in the game.

  • I'm not so sure.
    I think Snow knew Bigby was attracted to her, and from what I saw, the feeling was mutual.
    As far her being manipulative, even if Bigby disagreed with her at certain points, she still stood by him.

    She is more ,"by the book," than Bigby is.
    And she has a strong personality.
    I think she was just wanting to catch the culprit, but wanted to do it the right way.
    Taking the law into one's own hands, is never good.
    So many problems can result from it!

  • Yeah, Snow is one of my least favorite characters honestly. From the start I just had this feeling that she looked down on Bigby, and was more aware of his feelings than she let on. I respect her as a headstrong woman, but she was just so cold most of the time, and when she was nice it didn't seem genuine to me. I think she cared about bringing justice to Fabletown, but I think she cared more about her own status tbh. It also bothered me a lot that she just appointed herself from Secretary to Mayor. I could understand if it was just temporary until they caught the killer, and then they'd hold an election or whatever, but that doesn't happen. She just automatically assumes she is the best person for the job without consulting anyone else. For this reason, I never agreed with her on anything and always kept my distance from choices that tread into emotional territory. I guess my suspicions were correct if she acts so cold to Bigby even if you side with her the whole game.

    • Actually Snow knew she was best fit and all of Fabletown agreed even wanted and expected it sooner (Book of Fables in Extras), even the Mayor (King Cole) agreed. Snow does overestimate her abilities though, she takes on three jobs at once (visible in the ending, and mentioned if you threw Crooky down the Witching Well). Minor Comic Spoiler Bigby ends up getting the Mayor to come back and makes Snow go on a vacation. The best description of Snow is that she is coldly strict, and loves her job.

      Fabletown Government 1700's to 1835

      Mayor: King Cole

      Head of Fabletown: Ichabod Crane

      Head of Fabletown Assistant: Snow White

      Head of Security: Bigby Wolf

      Fabletown Government 1835-1985

      Mayor: King Cole

      Deputy Mayor: Ichabod Crane

      Assistant to Deputy Mayor: Snow White

      Sheriff: Bigby Wolf

      Fabletown Government 1985-2001/2

      Mayor: King Cole

      Deputy Mayor: Snow White

      Assistant to Deputy Mayor: Boy Blue

      Sheriff: Bigby Wolf

      • I cant say you're wrong, but my opinion is unlikely to change.I've never been too keen on Snow's personality in either the game or the comics unfortunately. Thanks for the tidbit of information though, I had forgotten that part in the comic.

  • in the hope of winning Snow's heart

    Is that how you kids say it these days?

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