The Wolf Among Us Ep 5 Unused Dialouge

I don't have the link, but MikonReborn uploaded it. You were originally supposed to be able to explore the Buisness Office one last time and examine the mirror to check on all of the Fables. Bigby has an amazing line with Beauty and the Beast that I won't spoil, but it would have been the best kind of the entire series! Check it out!


  • This is the video.

  • God dammit, Telltale.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if TT decided to use some of these unused dialogue bits for season 2, if not edit them a little.

    Dammit though, the finale could have used a magic mirror scene. Speaking of which, they didn't even include Bufkin in the 5th episode either!

  • Just get a fucking divorce, already!

  • The Tweedles? Does that mean they made it out alive?

  • It would have been great to see what happened to all those people before the ending and that Beauty and Beast part would be great. Why did they cut it out?

  • I would assume they ran out of time to finish the scene, because if you try to restore it into the game, a lot is broken and unfinished.

  • Yeah,Dee got stabbed a bit and Dum(determinant) didn't receive any injuries.
    So I think they both(determinant) made it out alive.

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    Either way, it means that they (or Dee) will probably be super pissed off at Bigby in the 2nd season.

    Ah well, if the two or one fight back, it gives Bigby a chance to hone his skills again.

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    Here, apparently boatmaster got the scene working partially and took screenshots.

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    It looks like the cards were supposed to return and Mikon said this:

    A slight bit. I managed to get into the location. Bufkin was there flying around from one place to another, then sitting down in front of the Donkeyskin Cloak, found to the right of the area.

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  • Man I wanted to post that but I get banned all the time- I mean take my like

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    The mirror was very weak he needed to rest... I wanted to ask seriously before the ending about Nerissa where is she? will probably solve that Faith mystery

  • Hey, Mikon was replying to me in them YouTube comments! Heh. It's strange seeming it on here.
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