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Are the comics worth reading

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I never read a comic book in my life and I find super hero comics boring however I immensely enjoyed this game and I would like to continue the story of Bigby Wolf. However, would you say the comics are as good as the video game I generally don't like comics because I feel like they are outdated versions of video games and you can't choose what you want Bigby to do like you do in the game. Do the comics have suspense and twists as the wolf among us does i have a comic store near my house so i can easily get them also how much does a comic book usually cost

  • It's not a superhero comic

  • i know that im just saying that i find comic books in general boring

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    Have a sneak peak.

    Alt text

  • I don' really like the art style of the comic and the characters look different i like how they look in the wolf among us much better and why the fuck did you just spoil the comics by showing me snow white blowing up the farm.. i dont think im gonna read it now

    • There are various art styles that are present in the comics, that was just one of them. Besides, there's 142 issues that are currently out right now, you shouldn't let one single comic panel discourage you from reading the comics.

    • Calm down, dude. There are 142 issues so far. A mild spoiler from something from the first 10 issues isn't something to throw a fit about. If that's enough to make you throw a fit and not read the comic, I can't imagine you are older than 5.

  • Normally, I encourage people to read but if you really think of comics as outdated video games (?), then I would say it's not for you.

  • How are comics outdated games? You definitely have no clue what you are talking about, the storylines are far superior to this game however they are not for everyone.

  • I have read all current issues. Hell yeah! Comics did not win an award for nothing. B wolf is main character but each volume often has a different fable as a main character, like Fly for example. It has lots of main characters.

  • should i read the fables comics or the walking dead comics? which one is better? also if i read the fable comics and the walking dead comics would that spoil the games for me?

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      dojo32161 Moderator

      Both are good, The Walking Dead and Fables are both separate stories from their comic counterparts, with Fables having characters from the game. Fables will solve the Crane problem, which is the only reference to the game, but that happened years before the game came out.

    • Fables. And no, game is set beforehand in the 1990s. Play game first and then the comics. Depends if they do a search a season 2

    • Walking Dead comics have almost nothing to do with the games except for an occasional character cameo. They follow completely different groups of survivors who do not head for the same locations. Regardless, it's good survival horror with plenty of action and lots of characters kill lots of zombies and lots of characters die. So, don't read The Walking Dead if you get overly attached to characters.

      Fables follows the primary characters from the game (Bigby, Snow, Beast, Beauty, Bluebeard, Bufkin, etc.) and lots of other colorful characters. There's no ever-present mortal danger surrounding them, so characters don't die left and right, though several do ultimately die at some point in the run of the comics.

      Walking Dead comics would spoil essentially nothing from the game. Fables comics would only spoil the fact that, well, characters who appear in the comics obviously do not end up dead in the game.

      Which you like better is up to you, but if you want to be able to enjoy the long life of more than a couple characters, stick with Fables.

  • Ok thanks for your input :)
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