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What would have been Comic Bigby's choices...

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In The Wolf Among Us? I mean as in the choices stats at the nd of an episode.

  • Depends how far into comics we are talking....

  • Hmm....Good question. I suppose that he'd solve the crime a lot quicker and with more finesse. He would have already known that one of the Faith's he met (the alive one is assumed to be a glamoured Nerissa, whereas the head is the real Faith) was not real. He'd definitely know Snow wasn't dead, considering her scent is the single thing he can never mistake. He knows where she is and how she's feeling every second of the day, not by choice. When he met her for the first time, his wolf nature subconsciously fell in love with her, therefore his mind latches onto the scent of her for eternity. He would be able to control his wolf nature (Since in the comics he doesn't actually give a crap if he turns or not). He'd know who to talk to and what to look for and most of his information is gathered by simply smelling the crime scene. He's a lot smarter I think in the comics and can solve things much quicker without much help at all. He also enforces the rules no matter what. He would send Colin and Toad to the farm without hesitation, although Colin has a way of getting away.
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