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Gotta say beforehand, I absolutely loved the finale. The twist that Nerissa is actually Faith the entire time is incredible and something i did not see coming. Though I wish it were longer and it showed what happened to Bufkin as I think he's the only one who didn't get a little scene/screen time like many of the other characters (Gren, Holly, Auntie Greenleaf, etc). And no Crane doesn't really count, the guy's in Europe so I wasn't expecting anything with him this episode. What I really wanted to ask though, besides the obvious what did you all think of the episode is....what did you do at the very end...did you go after her...or let her go. I was kind of shocked to see that choice not being in the stats at the end so I'm curious...what did you guys do and why?


  • Go after her. I mean, for the more epic ending, letting her go is probably better, but I just couldn't contain myself. I MUST know the truth - is it Faith or Nerissa.
  • I personally went after her. It seemed to be more of a cliffhanger if you did it that way. If you get what I mean-- Bigby will run after her, which makes it seem as if it's a cliffhanger to what would happen next. However, if you leave her, he just walks away back to the apartments, which seems more like a more closed ending, because you know what happens and that he's just accepted it. Obviously the final choice won't determine whether we'll see more TWAU in the future, but I feel as if going after her gives me some idea of what happened after the cut-to-black.
  • Of course I'm going to go after her. It would kill me to just let it go knowing there was more to uncover.
  • I let her go. To steal the words of a friend, it seemed more "film-noire-ish", which was a much more fitting end.
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    "The twist that Nerissa is actually Faith the entire time" that's not what the ending told me tbh... Nerissa is Nerissa and the Faith we met was also Nerissa (she prolly wanted finding Faith's head become a bit more personal to us to ensure we're going after it). Faith was prolly already dead at that time. Nerissa being glamoured as Faith would mean Faith's head must've actually been someone else's head glamoured as Faith BUT it would've tunred back somewhen which would've definitely been discovered. So Nerissa's not Faith but Faith's Nerissa.

    Btt: I let her go^^
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