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What did The Crooked man accuse you...

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of doing wrong? He only accused me of killing Dum and interrogating Dee Jack Bauer style.(Beat the shit out of him)
  • It was so stupid how me killing Dum was like him killing Faith and Lilly.
    I couldn't believe everyone was still listening to him at that point.
  • I treated Dee perfectly but Crooked Man still accused me of beating him. You can't imagine how pissed I was.

  • Beating Dee, that's it.

    As above though it annoyed the hell out of me.

  • Killing Dum and beating Dee to mashed apples, although I didn't do the second one, so I shot him down with "Bluebeard did that, NOT me." I think Bigby does a pretty good job of defending himself.

  • Of treating Dee badly. I didn't. My Bigby was a gentleman. It was Bluebeard who proceeded to beat the shit out of Dee.

    • Same here, even though I didn't touch him. The whole thing with getting accused of beating Dee no matter what really irritated me. First Snow accused me of hitting him in episode 2 when I didn't and then the Crooked Man did the same thing in episode 5. It's like come on! You don't have anything on me so you're just making up stuff?!

      • Indeed! Also, funny/irritating thing happened in one of my other playthroughs. I captured Woodsman and didn't hurt him except for one occasion. When he asked Bigby to loosen the straps, I decided to do the opposite (trololoo). That was the only bad thing I did. Well, Crane goes apeshit and starts shouting how he must put an end to this because this level of brutality is unacceptable while Bluebeard who before was whining how I was too nice, was suddenly like "Heck yeah Bigby, we shall torture everyone together". Then later Toad who was watching through the mirror starts accusing how I beat the shit out of poor Woodsman and scared the living daylights out of TJ. I was like "Wat? How is tightening the straps equal with me beating him to mashed apples?" It was kind of funny and irritating at the same time.

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