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Have the rules of the thread kill the member above you!

posted by Ugly Bird on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Okay, now this is a little different than any of the threads we already have up, so pay attention. I hope you all can learn the rules easily, because I think this is going to be really funny if we can get it going.

RULE #1: If you break the rules, you die (not for real, and it doesn’t mean you can’t keep posting. You do not need to explain why you came back, either. In fact, just don’t do that ever.)

RULE #2: Every post must introduce a new rule that causes the person who posted above them to be breaking the rules. That’s right, anyone can and must make a new rule every time they post.

RULE #3: Only the numbered rules in this post are permanent. All other rules are considered “active” only if they were introduced within the last three posts.

RULE #4: Your posts must follow all “active” rules.

RULE #5: You cannot introduce a rule that is either a) impossible to follow, b) extremely difficult to follow, c) conflicts with any “active” rules, or d) conflicts with the rules of the Telltale forums.

RULE #6: You do not have to follow your own rule, unless it was introduced before the post you are currently making and is still “active”.

Now here is an example of how this thread is supposed to flow:

Ugly Bird: You have to put a question mark after every word in your sentence.
Metalkombat: You? Must? Always? Call? Yourself? “Leonard?” at? The? Beginning? Of? Your? Post?
Stinkomanfan: I? Am? Leonard? And? You? Have? To? Spell? Every? Other? Word? Backwards? In? Your? Post?
Ugly Bird: I? Ma? Leonard? Dna? You? Tsum? give? Em? A? Tnemilpmoc? At? Eht? End? Fo? Your? Tsop?
Metalkombat: I ma Leonard, dna you evah to esu a gnos title ni your tsop. Ugly Drib is citsatnaf and a good ressik.
Ray-The-Sun: You tnac use eht word “esu” in ruoy post. Ylgu Bird, uoy are os great taht I’m “Reven Gonna Tel You Og!”

Notice how the only people who were required to put question marks after every word were the next three people who posted after Ugly Bird introduced the rule. Also, notice how Ugly Bird didn’t have to put question marks after every word in his first post, because he was introducing the rule in that post. But in his second post, he did have to.

Oh, and if that extremely unpleasant thing happens, where someone else makes a post that you didn’t see because you were still typing yours, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. If you see that someone has done this, just continue with business as usual and follow all active rules, regardless of wether the people who posted those rules were following the rules themselves.
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