• Depends on how popular they are, Georgie wasn't a popular fable so he can't take as much as Bigby.
  • A Fable's vitality depends on the popularity and details of their origin story. The Woodsman is from Little Red Riding Hood, a famous tale. Holly (we don't know her origin story, I don't think) is a troll and she took serious damage from that shot, and more would have likely killed her. Bigby is the Big Bad Wolf and as such has a lot of strength, albeit being weak to silver in his werewolf form due to werewolf lore. Georgie Porgie comes from a nursery rhyme that wasn't all to famous, so at that, he can die much easier.
    • Omg oops sorry XD I read the first comment and replied to that one and then I read yours. sorry about that! :s
    • Your forgetting a fairly simple fact, Holly is a troll, not a human like Fable, she has strength that is not based on her popularity. And while bullets can kill her real troll form, one shotgun blast is not enough to kill her. Bigby's may also be popular but his true strength come from the fact that he is a demigod.
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    I thought Georgie was a mundy, but apparently i was wrong.
  • It doesn't make sense. Bigby takes who knows how many bullets but if you think you can save Georgie by not resisting his force with the knife, he'll just stab you once and you die. Georgie probably only dies for the sake of the plot.
    • He does die for the sake of the plot but that doesnt mean it doesnt make sense. As the others said, fables that arent that well known are closer to mundies and can die easier. Bigby, besides being the Big Bad Wolf in many stories, is part god on his father's side and even he can be killed with the right elements.
  • Georgie died because he isn't a well known fable. Simple. Bigby was hard to kill because he is a well known fable.
  • Not a lot of people remember Georgie's rhyme. I EVEN forgot all about it until I looked it up after playing the 2nd episode. Then, I recalled that song during my childhood days. Not to mention his insides all over the place.

    Bigby is very well known-movies, books, songs-you name it. :)
  • The least Bigby could have done is call Swiney to get his ass to Georgie. Even if Bigby was mad, the attempt would look favorable to the community.
    • Yeah, I agree. Least Bigby could have done was called swineheart and sent him down to the Pudding & Pie. Did we REALLY have to kill him or let him suffer?
      • when you think about it, the things he has done could already be enough to throw him down the witching well if you send swiney, so he would probably die no-matter what. but im not sure, dont rememeber what georgies done that good...
    • He asked for it. Literally. He asked Bigby to kill him. I think he knew he was done for. Swineheart can only do so much. I suppose Bigby could have tried a payphone to call him up but he might not have made it in time.
      • Swineheart said he could take the silver fragments out of Bigby with his optic nerves severed. In his Book of Fables entry it says he is so skilled that he can operate on himself safely. Yet he can't even bind up a knife wound. I wonder if Tweedledee ever got any help or if he's lying dead in the Crooked Lair.
        • The big thing about Swineheart is that he is amazingly arrogant, although less so in the game. He's a skilled surgeon but he hasnt been able to save everyone. I wont spoil it but Colin ribbed him a little about how he's not as great as he thinks he is.
  • each fable has a weakness and that weak spot is where a kill can be exploited
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