Episode 1 timeline--second playthrough

First I'm of the camp that believes the Faith we meet in Ep1 is the real Faith. I also think Nerissa at the end is Faith glamoured. I'm doing a second playthrough and stopped super early in the first chapter.

I've read all the theories and these are some great theories, however one small probably insignificant thing bugs me. If Faith delivered the head to Bigby's building, a lot needed to happen within a few hours. We begin the game at Woody's apartment set "after midnight", the earliest being 12:01. When Bigby gets back home, the time is "late". He goes inside, talks to Colin. The clock in Bigby's place says 3oclock. This could be a background clock that just never moves. However let's assume it really is 3. He tries to go to sleep, screen goes black (I think), and that's when Snow knocks on the door to show him the head outside. He wakes up. Clock still says 3am. It could mean he never got to sleep, or whatever. But SOME time had to have passed. Why?

Snow says she discovered the head first, meaning it could have been there even longer than whenever she finds it. When she tells you to hurry before Crane gets back, to me that sounds like people will be coming in to work soon, ie 5am or so. It's still dark out. I think this checkpoint ends because when Bigby goes back inside, all those people are standing in front of the director's office. So it must be morning already, right? I don't know.

So it's messing with my head in that 3am could have been the real time, however they make it look and sound like much more time has passed. What was Snow doing out there anyway? Coming to work already? Does that mean it's closer to 5am? And they run into that ginger guy on the way outside, who is fully awake and dressed. How did he not see something? I'm getting off track here.

If Faith took the head to Bigby's building that night, it would have to have been IMMEDIATELY after the murder. Like, before the body could be disposed off. Meaning the ratting out of the girls took place, the glamour switch took place, georgie calling CM took place, georgie gets instructions, kills Faith (he thinks), then the head is stolen. This makes me THINK the murder already happened well before Faith goes to Woody's, however she doesnt act like she's just witnessed a murder.

Is there an official timeline mapped out somewhere here, or anywhere, to go along with all these theories?


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    • I really believe that the clock was just a background thing that doesn't change.
    • The ginger guy could live in the Woodlands building. Perhaps he had gotten dressed and was heading to the business office to wait to speak to someone (you do see him standing in line later on).
    • I agree that Faith would have had to have taken the head right after the murder. However, I think that the body and head could have been disposed of and perhaps she just knew where to look because she overheard something. I also think it could be possible that the ratting out and Georgie speaking to the Crooked Man could have taken place during the time when Faith was at Woody's. For instance, what if it happened like this:
      • Nerissa waits until Faith and Lily are gone. She speaks to Georgie.
      • Georgie gets angry and goes off to speak to the Crooked Man.
      • Faith comes back to the club after her altercation with Woody and Nerissa confesses to what she's done. In the meantime, Bigby has gone to his apartment where he eventually falls asleep.
      • Faith gets angry and the switch happens.
      • Georgie returns to the club and kills who he thinks is Faith.
      • The body is disposed of. Now "Nerissa" (Faith in glamour), goes to find the head and leaves it on the steps.
      • Snow finds the head and alerts Bigby.

    Just a possibility. I still feel like this question is up in the air, but I think that's one way that it could have happened.

    I haven't seen any official timelines.

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